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BT2:DC Game Information

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Patch 1.08 has a long history spanning over 7 years. The Battletest 2 patch was designed as a Director's Cut of Electronic Arts' very own 1.05/1.06 patch (also produced by GameReplays.org), hence the name BT2:DC (a.k.a. BTP). MaDDoX and company were asked by EA to put a patch together for them to release following the failures of 1.04 in terms of balance. They did so, and this became the official 1.05 patch; later, 1.06 just to fix a small glitch but with no balance changes. Yet, due to certain time constraints, there were aspects of the game which were overlooked or had to be left out; while the main focus of Battletest 2 (BT2) was increasing the factional uniqueness and fun factor, you may have felt a slight lack of complexity while playing 1.06. Patches 1.07 and 1.08 were later released with a unique patch switcher to accomodate players easily being able to play all three patches.

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Patch 1.08 is simply the finished product - what 1.05/1.06 was meant to be from the start. It contains significant changes that dramatically improve the quality of balance, usefulness of all heroes, units, and powers, and, of course, gameplay depth. Each respective iteration that is released by MaDDoX, Rainmaker & Valheru onto GameReplays.org has had, and will continue to have, input from all the best players in BFME II, in order to improve this nearly perfect patch!

We have worked for several years on the BT2:DC/Patch 1.08, which is close to perfection. Now it is our hope to get the original vision of the official 1.06 patch out to all in its completed form. So with great honor we are proud to present you with Patch 1.08, a dream come true of what 1.06 was meant to be!