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China Structure and Unit Index

Command Centre
The Chinese Command Centre is a large building from which you can train Dozers, and also purchase the radar upgrade for $500. Its also the building that allows you to use your command points, so before you can use your powers you must have a fully constructed command centre.

Nuclear Reactor
The Chinese power plant is twice as powerful as its USA counterpart with a huge nuclear reactor but it also has the ability to increase its power output by 50% but this slowly damages the reactor.

Supply Centre
This is the main resource collecting facility where you train your supply trucks and receive income. The building is $500 cheaper than its USA counterpart and it unlocks Airfields and War factories. Having two trucks at each supply is usually efficient.

The Barracks is where China gets its infantry from. Here you can train Black Lotus, Red Guard, Tank hunters and Hackers. It is also where you get the capture building upgrade, not to mention that its a very useful building for blocking certain passages with.

Battle Bunker
The bunker is a well armoured building that has room for five infantry units inside it, who can all shoot out at the enemy. Unlike civilian buildings, the bunker can not be cleared by a Dragon, flashbang or Toxin Tractor.

Gatling Cannon
A powerful anti infantry and anti air defence that can be built as soon as you get your power up. It is easily destroyed by an armoured vehicle though, so be sure to support it with some anti armour units.

The Chinese airfield is a large building that can support up to 4 MIGs at a time. It is used most effectively versus the GLA but has its uses versus the USA and in China mirrors. It also has the MIG armour upgrade available for purchase.

War Factory
The War Factory is where China produces its vehicles, and has a few important upgrades. You will always want to have a War Factory as China: China's most important units are from the War Factory so you're going to be lost without one.

Propaganda Centre
The Chinese tech building is the Propaganda Center. This structure will unlock some of China's most powerful units and weapons and also some very important upgrades so no serious China player goes without one.

Speaker Tower
The Speaker Tower is cheap and uses little power but it is very easy to destroy. It aids your troops by healing them and increasing their rate of fire. You're unlikely to really need this in any game but it can be useful in some occasions.

Nuclear Missile
The Chinese super weapon is a very powerful weapon indeed that has the ability to wipe out buildings and units alike in a matter of seconds. The only downside is that it is very expensive and takes up a lot of power so its best to only build one if you have an excess of cash.

Construction Dozer
The construction units for the Chinese war machine. Its main role is to construct and repair but it is also able to clear mines. Remember to be very careful with your Dozers as they have very weak armour, and especially if you have not got a command centre.

Supply Truck
The main resource gathering unit for China. Its cheap and fast and can even run over enemy infantry so its not just for collecting. Having two trucks at one supply centre/dock should provide you with a steady income.

Battle master tank
The main battle tank of the Chinese horde. Its strong vs other tanks and vehicles and benefits from several key upgrades, including nationalism, nuclear tanks and uranium shells. It is best used in China mirrors or occasionally vs the USA.

Gatling Tank
The Gatling tank is a great edition to any Chinese strike force at any point in the game. Its one of the best anti infantry units in the game and is the best ant air unit so clearly its worth having a few around. They are useful in every match up but especially vs the USA as there very effective at killing the US's Chinooks.

Dragon Tank
The Dragon tank is a unit that is capable of pulling most buildings to the ground in a matter of seconds. Its special ability "Flame Wall"can devastate your opponents base. It also is the Chinese way of clearing garrisoned structures; with one breath of fire any enemy units garrisoned in a nearby building will be incinerated. This unit is pretty useful in every match up so use them wisely.

Troop Crawler
The troop crawler is an expensive unit that has a few uses. It can detect stealth units making it very useful against enemy heroes and it also carries 8 Red Guard, so it can be used to fight infantry as well.

Inferno Cannon
The inferno cannon is a long ranged artillery unit that can be very effective against armour and infantry,its weak against air and faster units however and due to it being slow and expensive its not used very often even though a group of them can create a powerful firestorm.

Nuke Cannon
The nuke cannon is the ultimate in long range artillery units. Its powerful attack has a huge radius and a deals a massive amount of damage with very little able to survive a shell from it.Its only noticeable weaknesses are its slow rate of fire and slow movement.

Overlord Tank
The ultimate tank,the overlord is a giant that can crush opposing tanks in seconds with its huge build,there is not much that can stand up to its sheer power and it can even be upgraded with either a Gatling cannon,propaganda tower or battle bunker.

Red Guard
These loyal infantry units come in pairs and receive a horde bonus just like most of the Chinese army. Their main role is to scout and capture buildings: usually the oils. They can also be used in large numbers with devastating effect, though.

Tank Hunter
The Tank Hunter is an elite anti tank unit that benefits from the horde bonus as well. Its used in every match up and it helps to have a lot of them. Combine then with Gatling tanks for a very powerful force, and put them in civilian buildings to gain map control and a better view of the map.

The Hacker is the Chinese way of generating resources late game. They are a very vulnerable unit so you will have to be very careful with them. They can also disable enemy buildings but you will hardly ever use this in an online game.

Black Lotus
Black Lotus is China's hero unit and has three very effective special abilities. The first is Capture Building, which will let you take control of oils or enemy structures. The second is the ability to disable an enemy vehicle, and the third is a cash hack that allows you to steal from your enemy's supply centres.

MiG Fighter
The MiG is the Chinese fighter jet and their only air unit in this game. It is pretty cheap when you consider how powerful it can be: with only four MiGs you can create a firestorm that deals out huge damage on ground targets. The MiG can also be upgraded with improved armour and Black Napalm to give it that extra kick.