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CNC Generals Videos


CCG WS2014 Finals -|HaWkY^ vs Krew - VoD

Sunday, 15 Feb 2015
Greetings Generals! The CCG World Series 2014 is over and we have a winner! Congratulations!! If you want to see all the games between -|HaWkY^ and Krew with commentary, you can now watch them in cncHDs newest video on Youtube. Grab some Popcorn or Beer - or both and enjoy watching those...

Watch the first King of the Hill Challenge!

Tuesday, 9 Sep 2014
Generals! This is an exclusive videocast of the first two King of the Hill Season 3 Challenge between gone and -HaWkY^ commentated by ransoah and krew! These two crazy dudes spice up the replay with their knowledge and chibber chabber. I hope you will enjoy these video as much as I did. So, watch...

Murder vs Micro Week #4 USA vs GLA (CCG)

Monday, 23 Sep 2013
Today the Generals Gentlemen have our fourth and final game for Murder vs Micro Week, except this time it's on Command and Conquer Generals with Murder as GLA and Micro (also known as Krew) as USA. I hope you guys have enjoyed watching these two absolute ballers battle it out as much as we have!...

The Generals Gentlemen hit Command and Conquer Generals!

Saturday, 7 Sep 2013
Ladies and Gentlemen here is some lovely news that some of you have been waiting so long to hear! Today the Generals Gentlemen live up to our name and are finally casting on Command and Conquer Generals, not Zero Hour. This hall of fame game is between Squaak[USA] and Ugly[GLA] where we see a...

iWuB TV - Episode 1

Friday, 5 Jul 2013
Generals! Cast your mind back to 2008 and the promise of iWuBTV, ring a bell? Well after that long wait it's finally arrived. Unfortunately the rest of iWuB has went inactive so I was left to this mammoth task myself. The first episode takes a look at who I think are the top 5 C&C Generals...

X[T]inction (USA) Vs Diamond- (China) Casted By Gav

Monday, 11 Mar 2013
Generals! Stumbled into a high action game on Tournament Desert being played by ToD X[T]inction and Diamond-. So i thought i'd give my thoughts on the game and generally talk rubbish again. So please press play and have a look for yourself.And leave your comments please!

`ReNgO^ (China) Vs ^^RaiNMaN^^ (China) Casted By Gav

Monday, 4 Feb 2013
Generals!! I love to see me some ZH guys coming over and playing some old school CCG. `ReNgO^ played his way into the World Series for CCG, so i thought we'd have a look at how he was handeling the transition from Zero Hour. He was facing up against ^^RaiNMaN^^ on Wasteland Warlords, so let's...

Desiren (China) vs Murder (USA) Casted by Gav

Wednesday, 2 Jan 2013
Generals!! Welcome to 2013, to start the year off, i thought i'd grab a replay from the pool and give you my thoughts on the game and the players etc. Todays game see two members from the [DM] clan go head to head for bragging rights. So please press play and enjoy! Gav73Please, leave your...

CCG - Gav Vs Justin Videocasted by Murder And Rarely

Saturday, 4 Aug 2012
Hello Generals, today we shoutcasted the Scottish Pride Gav73, against the American Powerhouse DesireN, in one of their respective challenge games. Casted by the dynamic GLA-duo of rarely and Murder-. Watch and enjoy to see who prevails! Leave your comments.

CCG - Bringing The J-Dog Down To Chinatown

Monday, 16 Jul 2012
Generals!! The J-Dog (Justin - The Mighty dEsireN) did such a good job on his recent co-commentator spot, Gav was left feeling a little threatend. Could it be there was a new commentator in CCG town? There was only one place to decide this, and it was on the battlefield! Who will prevail? Please,...