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Replay System is LIVE

By cwedvin - 10th October 2020 - 13:43 PM

Greetings! We are pleased to announce the long-awaited launch of the Remasters Tiberium Dawn and Red Alert Replay System. Now members can not only upload and download Remastered Tiberium Dawn and Red Alert replays, but they can discuss them in a topic for each replay and search for them by map, match-up, event, or player. While any visitor to the site will be able to access the Replay System to download Remasters Tiberium Dawn and Red Alert replays, guests can upload too, although their replays will be accessible to others only via a link.

You can upload a replay that you've saved yourself, either as a player or an observer, or upload somebody else's replay that you've enjoyed. The only restriction is that any replay can be uploaded to the system only once.

You need the Command and Conquer Remastered game to watch Remastered Replays replays. Download your replays into the folder {My Documents}/CnCRemastered\Replays

The Replay file needs to have the same file name that it had when it was saved by the game.

In the game, go to Replay/Observer, then hit the "Local" tab. Select the Replay you want to watch from the list and hit "Launch."

Here is the process on how to upload replays.

Step 1
You will have to have an account on our website (If you already got an account, you can skip this step)

Wich, you can do here

Step 2

go to the replay section as you can see in the image below; just click on it, and it will take you to the replay section
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Step 3
Where you can see the upload on the right-hand side close to the top.
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Step 4
Give the replay a title and a description, and then start looking for your file.
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step 5
The file will be located in your: Documents -> CNC remasters -> replays -> chose the replay you want
See the images bellow
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Step 6
Click upload, one you have done that, you will come to the replay screen where you can add replies to it and discuss the replay, download it and wub it.
Wubing a replay is like a big like. You really liked what you watched, be it for a wacky strategy or just a good match. If you are unsure of how to download a replay, there is a button named How to watch replays click that, and it will inform you.
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Start uploading and watching now
Tiberium Dawn / Red Alert

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