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Soviet Campaign Walkthrough - Mission 5

By ~JoKeR~ - 6th August 2020 - 17:05 PM

Hey there Commanders! Stuck with the Campaign for Command & Conquer: Red Alert Remastered? No worries, XYHC and GameReplays.Org have prepared a guide for you to tackle Missions 1 to 9 of the Soviet Campaign on Hard difficulty. With practice and personal experimentation, you will be going through these missions like plasma knife through polybutter!

Previous Mission

Mission 5: Khalkis Island

Starting here, you must be careful with resource management. This mission has far less ore compared to the previous one, and you will have to fight over the ore field on top with your enemy. Be careful not to spend too much on non-essential units or too many Ore Trucks - you will run out of money!

Prioritize the Gems
The enemy will attack early on in this mission. Be sure to establish your first Refinery on the bottom and harvest the higher-value gems to fund your base expansion quickly.

IPB Image

The beautiful glow.

For the first half of this mission, you must mass produce tanks and wipe out the enemy base on top. There will be cruisers in the sea, so in addition to spamming tanks, you will need a Sub Pen to pump out a good number of Submarines (between 5-10, depending on how well you micro them. Let them surround a ship before surfacing so they can all fire at once).

Be sure to not kill their Radar, you will need to damage it to a quarter health and then capture it using engineers.

How Engineer capture works here
In the original Red Alert, engineers do not instantly capture any structures - They can only capture real structures at low health. Otherwise, they can only damage the enemy structure.

IPB Image

Damage before capture.

Upon completing the objective, you will be rewarded an MCV in your main base. Construct a transport and send your entire army as well as MCV to the middle island. (The transport will carry any 5 units at a time, infantry or tank.)

The Glitchy Transport
To load units onto a transport, order it to move as close to land as possible. Ordering a massive army to enter at once may cause them to get stuck due to pathfinding issues. In that case, patiently order units to enter one at a time.

IPB Image

This will take an eternity...

To unload a transport, first order it to get as close to the middle island as possible. Make sure the area in front of it is clear, then right click to unload units onto the island. You will need to establish a new base and collect more resources being pushing in. Enemies will attack frequently once you arrive on the island, so you may consider getting a Flame Tower base defense.

IPB Image

A second island base.

Be warned: Enemies will occasionally try to surprise attack you by transporting units to the back of your base. Either establish your base further away from water or have an army ready to fend against them.

IPB Image

A pleasant surprise

The last fight will not be easy. Try to gather everything you have and push in at the same time. Because all the resource on the map would have been depleted at this point, push your Ore Trucks to the front line to crush enemy infantry and to absorb fire for your other unites. Once you destroy all enemy buiildings, they will sell off everything else and retaliate with a large crowd of infantry - make sure you have enough crushing power in the end (and seriously, save before you push in)!

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Give it all you got

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