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Camera Height / Pitch / Rotation

Camera Height

Use the GenTool menu to enable and set a new camera height for replays and single player. It must be enabled before loading into a match. The higher the value, the higher the camera. When enabled, it will also draw the entire terrain and objects on the map. This can decrease the overall game performance.

Draw entire terrain:
IPB Image

More camera height:
IPB Image

Camera Pitch

You can also pitch the camera angle during matches and replays. There is an option in the GenTool menu and additional button mappings. Press and hold PgDown or PgUp to alter the angle. Press Home to reset the camera pitch.
You can also use the Numpad keys:
PgDown = Numpad 3
PgUp = Numpad 9
Home (Pos1) = Numpad 7

To avoid possible advantages with a low pitch during matches, the minimum limit is set to default 37.5.
To enlarge view possibilities in Replay mode the pitch can be set to 16.5
Changing Camera Pitch will also automatically adjust Camera height and Scroll speed to keep them synced.

IPB Image

Camera Rotation

Use the GenTool menu to adjust the Camera Rotation speed. Camera can be rotated with Numpad 4 and Numpad 6. This feature is mainly useful for video makers creating slow camera drives.