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Replay Observer
With GenTool you can watch replays through the view of all players. Simply select a player from the control bar. Optionally the feature can be disabled/enabled in the GenTool menu with Replay Observer.

Enabling Replay Observer will unlock following features on selected player
  • fog of war
  • auto camera height adjustment as if playing the game
  • unit formation and group status
  • waypoint of buildings
  • promotion placement markers
  • 1st person sounds
If using Zero Hour, a selected player can be spectated by pressing button S. All selections performed will be followed by the camera automatically. Pressing S again will disable it.

The replay crashes without GenTool?
Selecting players in Generals crashes the game often. GenTool fixes these crashes for both Generals and Zero Hour. Additionally it fixes the crash when leaving a replay while some player places a beacon.

Be aware that non selected players do not have an up-to-date building discovery. That means the discovered buildings may not be correct if you toggle between players view or similar.

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