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Game File Validation
This feature was introduced with GenTool 7.1

Upon game launch GenTool will check all Game Files and verify that the installation is legitimate. There are 4 states the Game File Validation (GFV) has:
  • Check Pending
  • Normal Game Install
  • Modified Game Install - Not compatible with Regular Game
  • Invalid Game Install - No Online Access
Normal Game Install is considered a legitimate game install. Modified Game Install is a mod like Shockwave or even custom patches. Both these types are considered as valid installations.

Invalid Game Install is neither of them, where we assume that illegal changes were made. Users with invalid game installs and GenTool 7.1 or higher are blocked from CNC Online. An Invalid Game Install has full access to SinglePlayer and Network matches (incl. GameRanger), however Upload Mode will print the Install Type in the match information text file.

Avoid being cheated on
If you do not wish to play against players with an invalid game install on CNC Online, you are advised to check in Player Table if another user runs GenTool 7.1 or higher to be on the safe side.

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