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CNC Zero Hour

[R]Fargo v Google Epic game

#1Fargo  Jul 18 2018, 06:42 AM -
Replays: 46 Game:
Had few good games before but now I know why I haven't posted them, because if this amazingness !

Watch and enjoy wink.gif
#2Taz^MaNy-  Jul 18 2018, 12:05 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
good game to watch wubed
#3Leikeze  Jul 18 2018, 14:19 PM -
Fargo vs ThoR

Not the best of skill displayed by the Nuke player, but an entertaining replay nonetheless. Never-ending action, though it isn't the best of action, GLA never gets promoted, or at least never uses any powers, which is odd for a 28 minute replay.

  • No significant harassment early on.
  • Denied his forward Tunnel, only 1 BM lost, followed this by using a Dragon to deny him an offensive/defensive tunnel in the center, coupled with the poor trading of your Helix for 1 Scorpion - Cost to you = $2,900/bad trade - Waste
  • Threw away 3 BM's, causing no damage, and not wasting him any significant time - losing $2,400 - However, it was redeemed in a minute through continual spam of the same tactic, wasting much of his time. But neglected to take the 3rd supply by the pond during all this distraction - there is no good excuse for this, he couldn't hunt the dozer there cause you had a Helix to stop Techs; Supply then CC there.
  • Again wasted Helix - $3,500 down, nothing destroyed - Waste + 2 Overlords, traded for 1 Quad - Cost of the H+Ovi for Qu trade = $7,800/bad trade - Waste
  • Stole $1,000 with Lotus, then ran her into a radar van.
  • Built no defensive bunkers, as a result, the left side was attacked, and time was wasted in defending it, however, it made you take the third supply(finally), so it was more helpful than hurtful(could have gotten Nuke MiG's had it been taken ASAP). - Also got promotions around this time, allowing for major Nuke Ownage -
  • Left Nuke Cannon in the center, without Guard Mode(wouldn't have helped, but Guard mode is always better than sit-&-die mode).
  • Left him take a Dozer, despite having a bunker in range to destroy the Dozer before it was taken, as a result you had to suffer even harder bus spam. However, this again was more helpful than hurtful, as it seems to have made you play better. Especially with the huge Helix Ownage, 7 Good Scorpions + 1 Quad + 1 Bus traded for 1 Overlord - Cost delta = $3,900/good trade
  • Lost Helix to Kell, but took it back(just an interesting moment in the game). Used it again to do a lot of defense, but lost it by flying down towards another Tunnel on the left side, onto to target the supply stash instead.
  • Perfect car hunt on the left side.
  • Picked off Reactor, lost nothing in the process.
  • Could have capped the oil earlier.
  • Near-flawless defense against his BM spam in your base, followed by the same level of play against his Ovi+Helix attack on the right side. - All of this whilst Tunneling down the left side, unhindered, which became a constant from then till the end of the game, as you kept him so busy in defense that he couldn't attack you directly again.
  • Took Dozer + got power out of it, turning down the tone of the game as a result.
  • Good use of buses, could have been slightly better at times, such as failing to destroy the prop-center at the 18:00 mark, but there was a lot going on.
  • Ah, huge loss of your Scorpions to the terrain, you should have driven them towards your RPG's instead, as he couldn't engage them with a Helix in that position(would have saved some of them, if not most). Following the Ovi that far was a mistake in itself. But it didn't matter, as the level of play was too high for your opponent to handle in the long run.
#4Fargo  Jul 18 2018, 17:43 PM -
Replays: 46 Game:
'' Not the best of skill displayed by the Nuke player ;;

Okay, LOL

Thx for review
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#5Leikeze  Jul 18 2018, 18:00 PM -
QUOTE(Fargo @ Today, 12:43 PM)
'' Not the best of skill displayed by the Nuke player ;;

Okay, LOL

Rage says, "Always take the supplies!" tongue.gif
#6Fargo  Jul 18 2018, 22:16 PM -
Replays: 46 Game:
QUOTE(Leikeze @ Today, 19:00 PM)

Rage says, "Always take the supplies!" tongue.gif

Just love how your review commented google, what about me??? Have you noticed how many overlords I micrled/saved? I guess no need to say that, all know its expected from fargo smile.gif
#7Leikeze  Jul 19 2018, 01:19 AM -
I don't usually comment on everything done well, unless there isn't anything to nitpick from.

Much is expected from you Fargo, especially in your climb to the top of the Big players list!
#8Fargo  Jul 19 2018, 08:40 AM -
Replays: 46 Game:
QUOTE(Taz^MaNy- @ Yesterday, 13:05 PM)
good game to watch wubed

#9Fargo  Aug 9 2018, 16:33 PM -
Replays: 46 Game:
I think it should have at least 10 wubs boys, come on
#10-VeNoM`   Aug 16 2018, 18:24 PM -
QUOTE(Fargo @ Aug 9 2018, 16:33 PM)
I think it should have at least 10 wubs boys, come on

Wubbed just for you smile.gif
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