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Command and Conquer 4

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

What's different?
If you have played a RTS game before, then you will notice immediately that the gameplay of this game is different. At first sight you may think that this is a “Traditional RTS” (T-RTS) game due to its name, but it is not. This game is actually a close combat, team-based (MOBA/DOTA style) and squad-based tactics game with Point Capture mechanics and Capture The Flag mechanics.

Macroscopic Changes
• More Dynamic Gameplay: Every player starts the match by summoning a Crawler, which is a Mobile Construction Vehicle. There are three types of Crawlers to choose from. With it you can build units and support/defensive structures*. Due to this gameplay setup, the matches are far more dynamic than in a T-RTS game, because you don't have to worry about protecting a (huge) base. The positive side of this is that you can move freely on the map. You are not constrained to (a) pre-defined position(s) like in a T-RTS, where you start at one place and have to expand to another place. You can just pack up and move to another place if you feel uncomfortable in your current position. You can rebuild your army in the shadows when you lose all your forces. If the enemy doesn't know where you are, then they won't find you quickly.

Spamming is not possible in this game due to a population cap not unlike the population cap in some other games (like Company of Heroes and Dawn of War 2). You can build a dozen units in your squad and then you have to fight. Massive battles ensue in seconds!

• Tiberium: The role of Tiberium has changed in this game. By collecting Tiberium Crystals you earn Upgrade Points instead of credits. This game introduces the Tiberium Control Network (TCN) built by Idris Corporation. The TCN acts as one big Tiberium Refinery in this game and it regularly deposits Tiberium Crystals on the Idris Landing Pads. Any ground unit can pick them up and bring them back to a deploy zone, which can be your main deploy zone or auxiliary deploy zones around captured Uplink Towers. The deploy zones are considered as your own territory. When you bring a Tiberium Crystal to a deploy zone, it is collected and Upgrade Points will be distributed to every member in your team, including yourself. You can use these Points to upgrade everything you have at your disposal. The Crawler and almost every unit is upgradeable.

• No Final Death: You don't have to worry about losing the game when your Crawler has a low amount of health. When you lose your Crawler you can summon a new one in seconds! This adds a dynamic to the game, which is not seen in T-RTS games. If you weren't able to conquer territory in one place, then you can try it again in a different place.

*) You can build structures with the Defense-type Crawler.

Microscopic Changes
• You can only build a dozen units in your squad, so the focus lies on unit composition, unit abilities and your ability to micromanage! All your units and structures can be build for free. However, they cost a fraction of your population cap, so you won't be able to spam them. The population cap is there to motivate you to play with your team. Also, your units are not indispensable as the opposing team earns points by destroying them.

• There is no friendly fire, even from superweapons. Don't be afraid to use them!

• There is no infantry crushing. You can use infantry vs vehicles effectively.

• Garrisonable structures and vehicles exist. Although there are no de-garrisoning weapons, you can destroy the buildings quickly with units and structures that are good at destroying structures.

• Most armed units can attack both air and ground units. However, not every unit is effective against air units.

Multiplayer gaming
• There are two factions, GDI and Nod. The multiplayer format is team-based GDI-vs-Nod (MOBA/DOTA style). There is a third neutral faction called The Forgotten. You can build their units when you capture a Mutant Hovel. It can come in handy as you can build up your armed forces faster with it. (i.e. it provides an additional build queue)

• The objective of the multiplayer is to gather more points than the opposing team. When your team has earned a certain amount of points earlier than the opposing team, then you will win the game. You can gather points by capturing more Nodes than the other team, by collecting Tiberium Crystals and by obliterating the opposing forces.

• As this is a team-based game, the multiplayer is balanced for 5-vs-5 matches and not for 1-vs-1 matches. You may notice shallow gameplay when you play alone, but the depth of the gameplay does not reside on the level of a single player, but on the level of a team. From experience the players of the registered teams can tell you that there can be even extensive debates about just the opening of a match (who's going to use which Crawler, who's going to build which units, etcetera) as you can build over 80 different units and 20 different structures in this game!

• If you would like to take your game to the next level, join ClanWars. Form a team with your mates and play the game on a real, competitive level.