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Command and Conquer 4

3vs3 on Disputed Depot

Video Type:Commentary
Players/Teams:Cubs1. [T.W.C]Lethal, Motor-Nerd, ViOmega, swamper82, MiMicMe
After a short break of 7 years I decided to do another VOD!

The Harry Potter gif was clever lol. I know swamper, he is a friend of mine, he really likes to play defence but I think he will use this class even when he doesn't need to, I think he should of spammed avengers at the start and this match should of had a support player from the beginning because orcas help feed hunters. Also as soon as you know there is GDI support, you know that sonic artillery is going to be unleashed, I'm glad Mimicme switched to support here because Nod needs support to protect the armies on the ground but support units should go after enemy support units first and foremost and leave offence to deal with enemy defence, the support powers can assist offence.

Thanks for remembering all health bars, I watched a few other commentators who forgot.
Thanks for the comment, if I can get some new good replays I will do a VOD again, otherwise might go back to 2013 replays to VOD some games.