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Kanes Wrath

Unleashed_[UA] vs Masterleaf5 "FUKING EPIC"

#11The Shield  Apr 14 2013, 00:52 AM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Good job masterleaf, That was really hard, for once was i glad you made the hexa.
If there is any faction that requires a super weapon its t59 smile.gif

but nonetheless don't pretend you are better then unleashed at Kane Wrath

#12kimosabe  Apr 14 2013, 03:50 AM -
Replays: 60 Game:
Lets not get into the whole debate who is better then who shall we? lets just watch the game for what it is.
#13JCDoo7  Apr 14 2013, 20:00 PM -

Replays: 222 Game:
Yeah, and someone please make a VoD for this good game smile.gif
#14Masterleaf  Apr 16 2013, 16:57 PM -
Replays: 100 Game:
VoD available here..
This post has been edited by masterleaf: Apr 16 2013, 23:34 PM
#15(DevilKiller)  Apr 17 2013, 13:33 PM -
Replays: 84 Game:
#16djw2104  Apr 17 2013, 14:35 PM -

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Unfortunately a significant numbers of troll posts have had to be removed and it is with reluctance that I have taken the decision to lock the discussion.
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