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Kanes Wrath

(Butthole Surfers - They Came In O_O;)

#1xNaruAngelx  Jul 31 2009, 19:02 PM -
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On the title...
If you haven't heard the song...

"They Came In" by "Butthole Surfers.
[It's in one of the Mission Impossible Movies too.
Where I first heard the catchy Electro/Rock song. =)]

Butthole Surfers - They Came In

You should SO listen to this song while watching this replay! XD


The ScRIN Infantry rush away to let the 'inferior' humans think they
Are 'superior' then return in unstoppable HORDES! XD

Gotta see this! ^^
[Well... you don't gotta... but you'll be glad you did if you DO watch! happy.gif]

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