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1v1 on Destiny - Early positional advantage = gg?

#1Newwe  Sep 5 2015, 03:15 AM -
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Map is destiny, http://resource.openra.net/maps/4111/

Sorry Kyrylo, was really focused on the game and ignored chat. I think badger kills count. Longbow missiles like mammoths would def be good, that unit is way underpowered. nRo had nice unit mixes, no easy way to take out rifles+rockets+med tanks+artillery other than a huge/well mixed army yourself. And you have to use $ kill/death, not just # to get a better idea of combat imo, which was even for most of the game.

After I secure both sides + have the only oil left, it seems pretty hard for nro to comeback. The attack at my main base was pretty scary though, wasn't sure I could stop it without too much damage.
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