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Red Alert 3

KotH Match 21 - iaguz vs ScrinCommando

#11FLASH.GLC  Sep 15 2008, 18:06 PM -
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Why do you call him aiaguz instead of iaguz ?

iaguz himself stated in the first VOD that his nick is pronounced like that.

Oh, I see. It makes sense now. Of course, it doesn't really matter what the actual name is, what really matters is in what way we want to say it.

By the way, "FLASH.GLC" is pronounced "OMG Keanu Reeves". Just so you know.

Fu*k the letters in my name. My name is pronounced in the way I want !
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#12makeout  Oct 15 2008, 22:15 PM -
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i don't know how much experience you have with languages and spelling...but uuhh....

hate to break it to you but there are heaps of words said in certain ways no matter the spelling.

eg gnome

OMG WTF! why are all these downies saying no-mm. it's G-nomie
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