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Rise of the Witch King

Intense 1v1.

#21brabox  Jul 13 2016, 17:57 PM -

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Simple Definition of review:

1) An act of carefully looking at or examining the quality or condition of something or someone

2) Examination or inspection

3) A report that gives someone's opinion about the quality of a book, performance, product, etc.

4) A magazine filled mostly with reviews and articles that describe the writer's thoughts or opinions about a subject.

What you wrote was a review. And Nice! Let me see the replay, and ill give it my review.

I guess they're decent definitions, but number 2) you could apply to anything. In fact replay and review are very similar words if you look at them.

In terms of RotWK I have a different take on reviews than you apparently. Or, at least, I did not intend to make a 'complete review'.
My reaction was more towards Mauh˙r who said I shouldn't have 'reviewed' the game. Clearly he meant something different than those definitions.

#22TheRingisHot  Jul 13 2016, 19:40 PM -
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Please just stoop
#23Mako  Jul 14 2016, 12:20 PM -

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Wow ofc that Numenor start is NEVER supposed to work and it was entirely for fun, it's better than just doing the Wolf thing and win in 5 min tongue.gif
So plz no serious reviews on games where I obviously did some fun stuff.

When i saw that you started numenor i understand why this game is so long. Mauhur + Ang is opshit.

Btw i thought that you wanna try to win with only 1 barrak but Nemo isn't so nab to allow you.
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