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[R] Thank for your feedbacks

#1Mantorok  Feb 28 2007, 00:59 AM -
Replays: 1
1 v 1 Friendly on Finn's... getting better but still a bit slow it seems
#2Zavior  Feb 28 2007, 15:15 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:

smooshIPB Image vs. IPB ImageMantorok

Finns Revenge.
IPB Image



Game Summary:
Not a replay of high skill, many mistakes were made.
At the beginning blue had big enough advantage to end the game in my opinion, but this was not what happened. Instead, the favor started to change in advantage of green, who would have been able to push through with obsidians, even a simple radar coverage would have revealed this! But as he has no intel, no decisive actions are taken until later in the game.
There are many things that you both need to improve, I suggest you check some pro replays with rating around 5 to 7, these demonstrate a gameplay of good skill level.

smoosh IPB Image

smile.gif A decent beginning, I just wish you had sent a few scouts more, it isn't a bad idea to include a scout in your factory queue, just to have one always with you.
sad.gif You sent lots of your mantis against his three pd's, while you managed to destroy one, you lost every single mantis you sent to attack that position, while the other flank was completely open.
sad.gif You could have gone for his base, but you choose to attack the choke, that ultimately won you nothing!
sad.gif When you teched to t2, a few engineers might have been good idea to boost your economy.

Mantorok IPB Image

smile.gif You grabbed the islands early.
smile.gif Reclaimed the mantis wrecks around the chokepoint was good.
sad.gif Your build order needs a bit of work, check a replay with some top players and see how they pull out their early game buildings.
sad.gif You didn't scout, he did! He had an early warning at the beginning while he run the mole through your flares there.
sad.gif Do not bother building flares after the few first ones, they have no chance whatsoever against mantis, while auroras excel vs cybran on maps like finn's, with a lot water to do sneak attacks through. It is also generally good idea to hide some scouts around his base, in the water where he can't attack them.
sad.gif He also had a quite big advantage over you, as he had three factories pumping out units to send at you, while you only had one and were upgrading the other. Upgrading factory this early isn't a good idea while playing maps as small as this one.
sad.gif You had absolutely no intel! Build scouts, radar, anything to get that intel of what he is doing etc!

Game Rating - 2/10
#3Mantorok  Feb 28 2007, 23:20 PM -
Replays: 1
Thank you for your tips and opinion!
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