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Tiberium Alliances

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Tiberium Alliances Game Info

On December 15th of 2011, Electronic Arts announced the production, and closed beta, of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances. Tiberium Alliances is not a traditional Command and Conquer game it's an MMO-strategy game set in the Command & Conquer universe.

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Tiberium Alliances is a Free 2 Play browser game and it is built by using html5, which means that no installation is required. Due to this, you can play the game on your home computer, whilst at work or even with your smartphone. The only requirements are having a html5 compatible browser and an Internet connection. Since the game is advertised as a Free 2 Play browser game, you can play the game for free; although the game supports micropayments which means that it is possible to gain a small advantage against the other players by paying for the accessories.


Tiberium Alliances has two playable factions: GDI and Nod. A third faction, The Forgotten, plays crucial role throughout the game but is not available for human players.


The game starts when entering a new world. At the beginning of each game, a new player selects a faction to play as, which cannot be changed during the game if the player wants to try a different faction, they need to start a new game on another server. Unlike traditional Command and Conquer games where the average match length is about ten to thirty minutes, in Tiberium Alliances the game length is measured in months instead of minutes. During the course of a normal game, the player builds their base and defenses, joins an alliance, builds an army, unlocks new units by researching and engages PvP (Player versus player) and PvE (Player versus environment) combat. It's not mandatory to attack other human players; however it's not up to the player to decide if anyone else attacks them. Joining a strong alliance offers some protection against hostile players though. Finally, if player's base gets destroyed, the game is not over the player loses all of his/hers resources but chooses to respawn the destroyed base in a new area.

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