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8-BIT LADDERWARS February Edition

By -Netput - 22nd February 2017 - 19:52 PM

This tournament is finished. All games are played and all games received a videocast (make sure to check them out if you haven't yet!). A special thanks to Dissonant, Mooly and Trolerkules for commentating. Congrats Zerton on winning this tournament!

Based on the amount of 8-bit games being played on the GameReplays Ladder, it is safe to say that we are all back in love with 8-bit again! To celebrate the huge increase in multiplayer activity, we would like to announce our very first 8-BIT LADDERWARS!

IPB Image


Tournament format

  • At the end of the month, finish in the top 8 on the GameReplays ladder to qualify for this tournament
  • When the month is over and you are in the top 8, check in on our 8-BIT LADDERWARS topic. Please provide a link to your steam profile.
    If Netput knows who you are, he will also try to contact you via Discord, PM or Steam.
  • If someone from the top 8 can't play, #9 is allowed to play. If #9 can't play, #10 can play, etc, etc.
  • As soon as we have 8 players signed up, we will release the brackets
  • The brackets will be seeded randomly

Tournament rules

  • All rounds are best of 5
  • You arrange all the games yourself with your opponent(!!) Therefore make sure to post a link to your steam profile when you sign up.
  • Each round must be played before these dates:
    - The first round must be finished before 12th of March
    - The second round must finished before 19th of March
    - Third (FINALS!) best of 5 finished before 26 of March
  • While the game starts please say in the chat that it is a 8-bit ladder wars game (Purely to avoid discussion afterwards).
  • When the games are finished, mention the game ID numbers + who won in the 8-BIT LADDER WARS topic. you can find the game ID in in the Replay tab in 8-bit. Without those game ID's we can not continue the tournament.
  • Above all, have fun!

Map pool and map rules

IPB Image_____IPB Image_____IPB Image
Penguin Paradise________Galactic Grotto__________Alien Atoll___

IPB Image_____IPB Image_____IPB Image
Circular Logic__________Vesuvian Wilds_________Rivendale_
  • All crossed spawns, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Round 1 starts on Vesuvian Wilds. Round 2 starts on Galactic Grotto. Round 3 starts on Circular Logic.
  • After the first map, loser picks the next map from the map pool. You need to pick a map you haven't played before.


We will use the game ID's to find the replay and cast the games. This will mainly be done by our friends from P2.
All videos for this event will be posted in our video system.


Each player gets a Tournament Participation Award IPB Image for participating in the tournament. The winner will also receive a lovely Tournament Winner Award IPB Image in their profile! For now we, sadly enough, can't do any (cash) prizes. If this tournament proves to be a success however, we'll surely look into that for the future!

IPB Image

If you have any questions, please ask them in them in the 8-BIT LADDERWARS topic

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