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Frequently Asked Questions
The GenTool FAQ page. If you encounter issues with GenTool please verify your game setup first before consulting the author.

Download and run the GenPatcher tool to automatically apply various fixes to the game install in order to have it launch without errors.

GenPatcher for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour

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Why does the game not start?

  • CNC Online Launcher is not compatible with Generals Zero Hour Origin version. Remove the CNC Online Launcher and install GenTool instead. When using Origin, make sure to disable Origin In Game for Generals and Zero Hour by right-clicking the game icon in Origin and selecting Game Properties...

Why does the game crash on start?

  • If the game exits with a "DirectX Error: Please make sure you have Direct X 8.1 or higher installed" message, then remove the dbghelp.dll file in the install directory of Generals or Zero Hour. Another common issue is the absence of the Options.ini file in the user data directory. Make sure Options.ini contains the IdealStaticGameLOD = high setting. If your monitor does not support small resolutions, then set Resolution = 1280 720 in the Options.ini to avoid crash on launch.
  • If the game exists with a "Technical Difficulties: You have encountered a serious error" message, then install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86). If you use Origin, then disable Origin In Game (Origin > Application Settings > Origin In Game > Enable Origin In Game).
  • If the game quits with a "File corruped" error, then remove software that messes with debugging features, such as BitDefender, AVG AntiVirus and similar software, or add an exception/exclusion command in the Anti Virus for the game install directory.
  • If Windows Defender blocks GenTool.exe or d3d8.dll, then add an exclusion to Windows Security. Note: d3d8.dll resides in the install directory of the game. On Windows Vista and higher you can also try to lower the User Account Control (UAC) setting.

Why do I have a black screen after I launch the game?

  • Using a cracked generals.exe or game.dat can cause a black screen. Avoid the use of unofficial or modified game files, including cheats.

Why can I not log in online?

  • Using Generals on Windows Vista/7/8/10 can cause connection issues. Run the game as Administrator and in Windows XP compatibility mode to avoid issues. This issue is not GenTool specific, but GenTool can increase the chances. Also check your Online IP in the Options menu of the game. You must select the IP Address of your Internet Adapter.

Why is the 1v1 lobby empty?

  • Check the 2v2 lobby too. Regular players are there.

I am unable to connect to other players. Why?

  • Your Router or Internet Service Provider (ISP) may not support native IPv4. This is common with 4G or 5G networks. Ask your ISP to enable the IPv4 option if they offer it. If you can use IPv6 only, then install and use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) such as Windscribe, ProtonVPN or UltraVPN. Turn on the VPN Tunnel, make sure the traffic is not blocked by Windows Firewall, launch the game and select the VPN IPv4-Address in the Game Options menu. Please read this NAT Trouble Shooting guide for more detailed information.

Why does my game freeze on match start or never finishes loading?

  • Using Generals on Windows Vista/7/8/10 can cause game freezes. Run the game as Administrator and in Windows XP SP 3 compatibility mode to avoid issues. This issue is not GenTool specific, but GenTool can increase the chances. Additionally some AntiVirus/Security/Firewall programs such as McAfee, Kaspersky or similar can cause this issue. Uninstall those programs if necessary.

Why do I occasionally get a black screen during matches?

  • The haze shader effect of the USA Microwave tank can cause the world to render black. Disable the "Heat Effects" option in the Advanced Display Options.

Why do my buildings explode 30 seconds after match start?

  • Your game key was not correctly copied into your Windows Registry. Uninstall the game and run the installer as Administrator and in Windows XP compatibility to the point where you enter your serial key. Enter the key and click Next once. Open Windows Registry (WINKEY+R, regedit) and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour\ergc. Modify the string value containing your serial key by adding the minus between the number sections. Finish the installation.

Why does Direct Connect not work in GameRanger?

  • If your game install is not English, then GameRanger does not work correctly by default. You can apply the GameRanger Direct Connect Fixer to make a non English version fully compatible.
  • If you get a "Join Failed - Connection Timed out" error dialog in game, then try disable obsolete Ethernet Adapter(s) in the Network Connections options of the Windows Control Panel. The VirtualBox Ethernet Adapter has been identified to cause this issue for example.

Why does the game lag so much?

  • Disable Origin In Game by right-clicking the game icon in Origin and selecting Game Properties...

Why does my mouse stutter all the time with Windows 8?

  • This issue is caused by Microsoft introduced with Windows 8. Please read these instructions to tackle the issue. If Windows' solution does not help, consider to run the game in windowed mode. If you run the game through GameRanger, enable windowed mode with Generals Proxy Launcher.

Why does the game crash when I attempt to quit the game?

  • EngineBrowser.dll does not work correctly on Vista and higher. Use Windows XP SP3 Compatibility to avoid crashes.

Why is gentool.net not accessible or why does Upload Mode not work?

  • Your Internet Service Provider may not serve required DNS entries. In doubt, try to use a different DNS server, for example Google DNS.

Why does Upload Mode show "could not copy replay" every time?

  • Turn off the RepInfo R.A.S.E feature.

Why does my Anti Virus program warn about d3d8.dll?

  • Possible detections from virus scanners are false positives and can be ignored.

What can I do if I have other problems?