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Fire Prism

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With spectacular range and firepower, this grav-tank hovers across the battlefield with enviable precision.


The Eldar are often considered to have the most sophisticated technology in the 41st Millennium. Naturally, this includes weapons of war like the Fire Prism. Converted from a transport Falcon chassis, this grav-tank boasts superior firepower with a Prism Cannon at the apex and Twin-linked Shuriken Catapults beneath the cockpit.

Like most Eldar tech, it is made of the psycho-plastic wraithbone. This allows the Eldar pilot to navigate the controls with their mind as well as their body, giving its movements a precision uncharacteristic of most other vehicles.


  • Skimmer unit
  • Long range
  • Effective against massed infantry
  • Initial shot is effective against vehicles
  • Secondary explosion is effective against normal armour


Fleet of Foot (Passive) - Increased speed and Battle Focus regeneration within the psychic radius of a Webway Gate.

Superheated (Passive) - The Fire Prism’s attack superheats the ground around its target which causes a delayed secondary explosion that knocks back and deals massive damage to lightly armoured targets in the area.


The quick-moving, hard-hitting Fire Prism is the dread of tightly-grouped infantry. Picking off large crowds of enemies caught in tight spaces is an easy job, and one that is even more effective when punishing frantic retreats. Add to that a range that far exceeds that of other vehicles in the Eldar lineup, and the Fire Prism is a formidable opponent.

Although it is undeniably powerful, there is always a way to counter it. Attacking a Fire Prism from behind deals bonus damage, making flanking a viable tactic. The mounted Prism Cannon also has a minimum range, so if you get close enough to the grav-tank you can’t actually be hit by it. Units that excel against vehicles - such as Lascannon Devastators - can rip through its defenses. When facing a Fire Prism, it’s important to make sure the right units focus their damage to take it down quickly.

Attacking a Fire Prism from behind deals bonus damage

Although the Fire Prism has a massive firing range, it can’t actually see too far into the distance. Because of this, it’s recommended to scout ahead with other units to give vision to the grav-tank. With this tactic, you can rip apart infantry from a safe distance!