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Dawn of War 3

Rangers and Snipers are broken

Shrine of Asuryan (2p)
Shrine of Asuryan (2p)
#1S4ngetsu  Jan 14 2018, 15:33 PM -
So in the tournament i've decided not to abuse this shit cuz it's fucked up.
See how broken it is against a non sniper build.
I forgot to use improved LP doc instead of DA grenades but it doesn't matter...
If the february patch doesn't adress this issue we will have soon only snipers builds in every match. Eldar with mass ranger and SM with mass sniper. Gj Relic.

Here a forum topic i've created a month ago...
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#2Spirit.  Jan 14 2018, 16:20 PM -
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Yeah i hope relic will adress this cause its really silly, but its strong and in the game, its very natural that some people want to use the strongest stuff thats possible to do.
#3Lemon_Saya  Jan 14 2018, 21:34 PM -
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I have try some test fast falcon build (so I not produce tier 1 unit for power income)

thats my fault. phase 1 power income so low anyways...

but rangers also broken yes, they have rapid fire (increase dps to 100 or more)

and they have passive have stealth,

I think the doctrine (rapid fire) will be nerf, and they needs speed also same with scout sinper have.

and they becon as broken to. they can get all of map scan for all they needs.
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