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Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization

By ScuttleShip - 11th February 2018 - 13:37 PM

Paradox Interactive has ensured the content keeps rolling for Europa Universalis IV with the Cradle of Civilisation expansion . As usual, the expansion will be coupled with a free patch, that being Patch 1.23 codenamed Persia. Below is the official announcement video from Paradox:

What's New in Cradle of Civilisation?
  • Ottoman's will have access to Pashas and Janissaries;

    Pasha's are your governors and they can be assigned to nations within your empire for the effect of reducing the unrest and the state maintenance but it does result in buildings and units becoming more expensive.Removing a Pasha by revoking them will lead to increased unrest to occur for a decade.

    Janissaries will actually become usable units for the Ottomans and can be recruited from a state with 50 military points. 1 Janissary unit will be recruited per 10 development of heathen-faith land. The units are more sturdier and this means that players might have to consider keeping more states of heathen-faith within their Empire so that they will have access to the Jannissaries.

  • Revamped Trade Policies; Players can set a trade policy in any trade nodes with a Merchant and this will have a 12 month cool-down period. The four available trade polices are as follows:

    Maximize Profits: +5% trade power

    Hostile Trading: +25% Spy network speed in nations with present merchant or home node.

    Establish Communities: +15% Improve relations with all other nations with their home node or a merchant present located here.

    Improve Inland Routes: +1 combat terrain bonus in trade node provinces. Only possible with 33% of Trade Power in a node

    In addition to that, if you are playing as a Muslim nation and you control more than one-third of the Trade Power in a Trade Company Region's particular node, then you will be able to have access to "Propagate Religion" which will spread your Muslim faith to nations surrounding that node.

  • All nation's armies will also have an accompanying Professionalism level that will be attached to it. Professionalism will determine how modern your army is and there will be buffs and reductions depending on how modern your army is or is not. The new ability to drill your army when you are not at war, the construction of military buildings and the recruiting of Generals will all help to boost your army's Professionalism. Conversely, destroying military buildings and recruiting mercenaries will reduce your Professionalism.

    Every 20 points of Professionalism, you will unlock a new ability, which are as follows:

    20 - Supply Depot Ability - friendly supply is increased in an area for two years for a small military point cost

    40 - Refill Garrison Ability - use part of your army's manpower to restore the garrison of a fort

    60 - Disbanded Units - disbanded units returned to the manpower pool

    80 - Military Generals - cost half-price to recruit

    100 - Your reserves take 50% less morale damage.

  • And many more
What's New in Patch 1.23?
  • Added 80 provinces in the regions of Anatolia, Mashriq, Egypt, Arabia, Caucasus, Khorasan, Central Asia and Persia and redesigned the surrounding regions.

  • Added the trade goods Incense, Livestock, Gems, Paper and Glass to the game.

  • Monarchs, Heirs, Consorts & Advisors now have culture and religion.

  • Added Two Manufactories: Farm Estate (ADM tech 6) for Grain, Livestock and Wine. Mills (ADM tech 16) for Paper, Gems, Glass, Tropical Wood and Chinaware.

  • Added Startup Screen, detailing your nation and its surroundings' situations.

  • And many others
The Cradle of Civilisation DLC is now available at Steam so do get it. Do also lookout for Scuttleship's Review and Playthrough of the Cradle of Civilisations DLC here at GameReplays.Org and do check out his stream for more gameplay and insights for Europa Universalis IV! Last but not least, feel free to give us your thoughts and comments on the expansion below!

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