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Stellaris: Apocalypse

By FallenXE - 17th January 2018 - 15:01 PM

After many months of teasing, Paradox has finally announced the next expansion for Stellaris, in conjunction with the 2.0 'Cherryh' Update. Titled, Apocalypse, the expansion focuses on new features that would provide gigantic firepower to players.

Below is the reveal trailer:

While we await the full patch list for Update 2.0, the latest Developer Diary included three new features exclusive to the Apocalypse update:

  • Titans

    Titans represent the class of vessels that come after Battleships. They require their own Assembly Yard building and the Titans have a unique weapon slot on their Bow Section that can be equipped with Titanic-level weapons that offer much more considerable damage than XL-level weapons. In addition to that, Titans also have a special aura slot that can fit a single offensive or defensive aura that can buff friendly ships in the same fleet or debuff nearby enemy ships.

  • Planet Destroyers

    Planet Destroyers form a new class of ships called Colossus. To build them, the technology to build Titans must first be acquired and in addition to that, the Colossus Project Ascension Perk must also be chosen. Each Colossus is a single ship that is truly gigantic and restricted from merging with other fleets. As the name implies, its main purpose is to be deployed against enemy planets and to annihilate them.

    There will be a total of 5 type of World Devastator-class weapons that can be chosen from to be fielded on the Colossus:

    World Cracker: Shatters a planet, leaving behind a broken debris field that can be mined for resources. Available to non-Pacifists.

    Global Pacifier: Encases the planet in an impenetrable shield, permanently cutting it off from the rest of the galaxy. A research station can be built to study the planet afterwards.

    Neutron Sweep: Destroys most higher forms of life on the planet but leaves the infrastructure intact for colonization. Available to non-Spiritualist, non-Pacifist empires.

    God Ray: Converts all organic Pops on the planet to spiritualist and destroys all machine/synthetic pops, as well as massively increasing spiritualist ethics attraction on the planet for a time. Available to Spiritualist empires.

    Nanobot Dispersal: Assimilates all Pops on the planet, causing it to defect to your empire with its newly cyborgized population. Only available to Driven Assimilators (and thus requires Synthetic Dawn as well).
    Source: Paradox

  • Ion Cannon

    Ion Cannons are considered the equalisers for the newly redefined "Starbases" in the 2.0 Cherryh update. As of now it has not been clarified if only one will be limited to each Starbase. Each of the Ion Cannons however, will have a single Titanic-level weapon. Hence, players will not be helplessly outgunned or outranged by the new range and firepower of the Titan-class vessels.

We are pretty sure that more news regarding Apocalypse and the 2.0 update will be released soon. In the meantime however, you can pre-order the expansion on Steam for USD $19.99 or your local equivalent!

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