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C&C: Rivals Announced At EA Play 2018

By FallenXE - 9th June 2018 - 19:57 PM

As mentioned at the EA Play Press Conference today, a new Command & Conquer Mobile game has been announced, titled Command & Conquer: Rivals. Set in the Tiberian universe with GDI vs Nod, it will be focused on 1v1 gameplay.

Check out the reveal trailer and the gameplay overview videos below:

Based on the gameplay overview, players will be able to choose from six commanders, three per faction, which will determine the special ability available to be used during gameplay. The commanders are as follows:

  • Lt. Strongarm - Deploys heavy machine gun turret
  • Dr. Liang - Summons repair drone
  • General Solomon - Ion Cannon

  • Oxanna Kristos - Fanaticism ability that causes units to deal more damage but reduces their durability
  • Seth - Drill Pod ability that deploys Flame Troopers on the map
  • Kane - Obelisk of Light defense structure

One of the features of the game is that gaining the majority of the control points would cause a nuclear missile silo to fire on the enemy's base. Inspiration wise, the game takes its units and Commanders from the various eras of the Tiberian Universe.

Polygon states that the game will come out for Android and iOS later this year. In addition to that, players can head over here to pre-register for a chance to play the Pre-Alpha of the game. Furthermore, it is stated at the bottom of the page that:

*By pre-registering for Command & Conquer™: Rivals, Android players in the US and Canada may also be invited to the Command & Conquer™: Rivals pre-alpha. Pre-registering for Command & Conquer™: Rivals does not ensure entry into the pre-alpha.Source: Electronic Arts

Do tell us your thoughts and opinions on this at the comments section below!

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