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Red Alert 3 Strategies

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Strategy Guide

The Rules of War: Part 5, John J. Mearsheimer and Offensive Realism

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2014
Welcome Commanders to another episode of: The Rules of War. This time I will discuss the military theory drafted not by a famous general, but by a contemporary military and political scientist, namely John J. Mearsheimer. His most famous theory, Offensive Realism, is about why states go to war,...
Strategy Guide

The Rules of War: A Beginners Guide to Combat Situations - Part 3!

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2013
Hello and welcome to the third installment of The Rules of War: A Basic Guide to Battle Situations. This time we will talk about the tactical genius of Karl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) and his wise lessons of war abstracted from his book, Von Krieg, where he states: "war is just the continuation...
Strategy Guide

Faction Focused Map Awareness - Infinity Isle

Tuesday, 6 Nov 2012
Welcome Commanders! In this series there are quotes from Red Alert 3 Experts & other notable top-tier players from across all factions. Coupled with screenshots of their bases the aim is to detail what map-exclusive advantages should be made use of, & the possible disadvantages that can arise and...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #52: Vindicator Splash Damage!

Saturday, 3 Nov 2012
Welcome Commanders! In this new edition to the Tip of the Week series, c9q9md delves into the splash damage of the Vindicator! A lot of players are either unaware of the nature of the Vindicator's splash damage, or simply don't seem to use it - so this tip will surely be helpful for all Allied...
Strategy Guide

Unit of the Week #11 - The Shinobi!

Saturday, 20 Oct 2012
Hello Commanders, & welcome to the latest edition to the Unit of the Week series! This time, JulzzZ takes a look at what's arguably the most heavily underused Empire unit, & in an effort to showcase both the general affects of it's use & the potentiality of incorporating it into battle-ground...
Strategy Guide

A Guide to Empire Structure Placement on Infinity Isle!

Monday, 1 Oct 2012
Welcome Commanders! As with previous editions this series, they take a look at effective structure placement on the official auto-match & ladder map pool. In this guide, JulzzZ takes us through the standard procedures when placing the Empire's Nanocores!Structure Placement for the Rising Sun on...
Strategy Guide

Empire Vs Soviet - An Anti-Cheese Guide!

Tuesday, 25 Sep 2012
Hello Commanders! In this guide Loony_ will be taking us through the means of countering cheese builds with the Empire faction on the map that is Snow Plow. It is on of the smallest maps out of the ladder pool, so it can be pretty hard to play on this map as an Empire player.Countering...
Strategy Guide

Unit of the Week #10 - The Twinblade!

Friday, 20 Jul 2012
Hello and Welcome to another Unit of the Week! In this edition we will be taking a look at the Twinblade, which from swarm attacks to ninja-esque sneak drops is arguably one of the most versatile and used units in the game. Lets dive in to see if you're using its maximum potential...
Gameplay Tip

EotRS - Advanced Basics for Beginners

Friday, 30 Mar 2012
From the initial starting second through to the last, Empire of the Rising Sun are arguably heavily orientated around micro. This guide takes a look at what is regarded as some of the more advanced techniques employed in order to save units, hasten build orders, effectively place structures &...
Strategy Guide

Empire vs Soviet on Cabana Republic!

Thursday, 22 Mar 2012
Hello Everyone! In this guide we will be taking a look at the different methods used to play against the Soviets on Cabana Republic. Both factions have relatively equal opportunities on this map as it's a large and economically rich environment with exploitable terrain that can be used by either...