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8-Bit Ladderwars March Edition

By -Netput - 24th March 2017 - 15:46 PM

This tournament is finished. All games are played and all games received a videocast (make sure to check them out if you haven't yet!). A special thanks to Mooly for commentating. Congrats AoL_RecoN on winning this tournament!

It is safe to say that the February Ladder Edition is a huge success. All games are played and all games received a videocast (make sure to check them out if you haven't yet!). A special thanks to Dissonant, Mooly and Trolerkules for commentating. Due to the great community involvement we are happy to announce a new Ladderwars March edition! Pretty much the same set-up as the last time. There are a few adjustments to the rules and map pool though, so make sure to check the rules out again. On popular demand we also throw in a $20 cash prize!

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Tournament format

  • At the end of the month March, finish in the top 8 on the GameReplays ladder to qualify for this tournament (See the Hall of Fame link as well)
  • Please tell the higher ranked players you play against about this tournament, so they know about it.
  • When the month is over and you are in the top 8, check in on our 8-BIT LADDERWARS topic. Please provide a link to your steam profile.
    If Netput knows who you are, he will also try to contact you via Discord, PM or Steam.
  • If someone from the top 8 can't play, #9 is allowed to play. If #9 can't play, #10 can play, etc, etc.
  • As soon as we have 8 players signed up, we will release the brackets
  • The brackets will be seeded by order of the 8bit ranking

Tournament rules

  • Round 1 and round 2 are best of 5
  • Finals are best of 7
  • You arrange all the games yourself with your opponent(!!) Therefore make sure to post a link to your steam profile when you sign up.
  • Each round must be played before these dates:
    - The first round must be finished before 15th of April
    - The second round must finished before 22th of April
    - Third (FINALS!) best of 7 finished before 29th of April
  • While the game starts please say in the chat that it is a 8-bit ladder wars game (Purely to avoid discussion afterwards).
  • When the games are finished, mention the game ID numbers + who won in the 8-BIT LADDER WARS topic. you can find the game ID in in the Replay tab in 8-bit. Without those game ID's we can not continue the tournament.
  • Above all, have fun!

Map pool and map rules

IPB Image_____IPB Image_____IPB Image_____IPB Image
Penguin Paradise_______Galactic Grotto_________Arctic Assault_____ _______Ship Yards_____

IPB Image_____IPB Image_____IPB Image_____IPB Image
Circular Logic__________Vesuvian Wilds_______Rivendale____________Rivertown____
  • All crossed spawns, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Round 1 starts on Galactic Grotto. Round 2 starts on Vesuvian Wilds. Round 3 starts on Penguin Paradise.
  • After the first map, loser picks the next map from the map pool. You need to pick a map you haven't played before.


We will use the game ID's to find the replay and cast the games. This will be done by a variety of people.
All videos for this event will be posted in our video system.


Each player gets a Tournament Participation Award IPB Image for participating in the tournament.
The winner will also receive a lovely Tournament Winner Award IPB Image in their profile!
To celebrate the success of the last tournament Netput donated $20 for this tournament! $15 for the winner and $5 for the runner-up (paypal only).

IPB Image

If you have any questions, please ask them in them in the 8-BIT LADDERWARS topic

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