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Saturday, 1 Jun 2019
Dear Friends The Bfme Spring season coming to his end and it is time to have an clear report of what happened past months in our game events wise.In February, we started with the 3v3 Return of the King tournament, the concept was to spam games and have a final with the top 6. Less games than the...

2v2 Spring Cup 1/2 Finals

Saturday, 27 Apr 2019
Dear Amigos,This tournament started the 22th March and so far we had some nice and funny games.We are now heading to the 2v2 Spring Cup 1/2 Finals.Games: Dextershi vs FeedToRog Ooooooh?! vs YesilWieWe hope to see nice Semi Finals Games.Stay tuned and do not miss any of this upcoming...


Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019
Dear BFME CommunityWe always search founds to support tournaments. So I decided to open a topic where you can find informations to how donate us!Your Donation will be used exclusive for:Prizes for TournamentsWe won't use your donation for our personal interests!function hoverImg(x) { x.src =...

1v1 Spring Cup

Saturday, 13 Apr 2019
Dear Amigos,Welcome to 1v1 Spring CupMain Informations :Players : 16 (more spots can be open)Format : Depending on how many players sign up, I decide if Groups or straight from PlayOffsMore informations will come soon.Maps : FoI, Fangorn, Dunharrow, Westfold, West EmnetDate : 26th...

2vs2 One Day Tournament for Medium Players

Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019
Hello BfME players,our BfME I commentator ShaNks* is hosting another tourney! This time, it will be a 2vs2 tournament specifically for medium skilled players. This will be the chance to shine for those who have a solid grasp on the game but have ways to go before becoming expert players!The...

2v2 Spring Cup

Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019
Dear Amigos,Starting 2019, I had not enough motivation to host the announced 2v2 QM League/Tournament and as in every event I host, I always want to be motivated in order to dedicate my precious time and try to make it sucessfull. Instead, I hosted the 3v3 Return of the King tournament which...

1vs1 - Fight For Dunharrow Tournament!

Tuesday, 5 Feb 2019
Our GameReplays BFME I commentator ShaNks* is hosting a 1v1 tournament next Saturday, February 9, and Sunday, February 10! For further details on the format and how to participate, click here! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js...

3v3 Tournament Return of the King 60$

Saturday, 2 Feb 2019
Dear BfmerzThe last 3v3 tournament in Christmas was a succes and after many requets, I decide to host another one.The plan is simple :I will open a topic in Tournament section where you will be able to sign up with the name you want to use during this tournament (it can be an old one but please...

2v2 January League/Tournament

Tuesday, 1 Jan 2019
Dear BfmerzThe Quickmatch Ladders are reseted for this 2019 year and as the 3v3 BFMAS League/Tournament format was a succes, I decided to will host the same format for the 2v2 Ladder.It is called League / Tournament because at the end of January we going to have a tournament with the top 8.I...

New BFME Quickmatch Ladder 2019

Tuesday, 1 Jan 2019
Hey fellow BFME players,first of all, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2019! With a new year dawning, the time for a new BFME Quickmatch ladder has come! After 6603 matches in total and many great games, this is the moment to start anew.At first, I want to thank T3A and especially ICT who created...