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Battle for Middle Earth eSports Coverage


1vs1 $100 BFME WORLD CUP

Saturday, 9 Sep 2017
Hello everyone, HungryTroll invests 100$ to sponsor the BFME WORLD CUP tournament. The sign-ups will begin on September 15th and the tournament will officially start on October 1st. Make sure to read the World Cup Information Topic if you want to participate. Thank you HungryTroll for making...

QM Simulation Ladder Update 2017

Wednesday, 4 Jan 2017
A new Quick Match update rolled out on New Year's Eve, containing the following updates: 3vs3 Quick Match is now enabled, featuring all current official 3vs3 maps Participating players can now link their ladder profiles to their Revora accounts. This will create a profile page for each linked...

GameReplays 3vs3 Tournament

Friday, 11 Mar 2016
Hey fellow BFME players, GameReplays is proud to announce a new tournament. This time, we will be a hosting a 3vs3 tournament. Make sure to read the Rules thoroughly and if you're interested, head over to the Sign-up topic.Have fun!

T3A 1vs1 Winter Tournament

Thursday, 17 Dec 2015
Hello everyone, following the recent release of their Christmas Special, T3A now hosts a Winter Tournament featuring the mini-mod. The game mode for this tournament will be 1vs1. The first stages will be Best of 3 while the semi-finals and final will be Best of 5. All games have to be played on...

The Rise of Fangorn 2vs2 Tournament Announced!

Friday, 6 Nov 2015
Hey fellas,GameReplays is proud to announce their next 2vs2 Tournament. The tournament is a little different from tournaments that we had before, so make sure to read the rules carefully.If you want to participate in this tournament, you can sign up now!We hope that many players participate. Have...

1vs1 Random Mirror Tournament Final

Wednesday, 13 May 2015
The Battle for Middle-earth Random Mirror tournament is coming to the final stage. StiWie` and Felixanius will fight until the end on Saturday, 16th May 2015, 18:00 PM. The final will be Best of 5, which means that the tourney ends as soon as one of the two players manages to decide 3 games...

1vs1 Random Mirror Tournament Groups

Monday, 13 Apr 2015
The tournament bracket for the 1 vs 1 Random Mirror Tournament has been created. The players can now look up when their games should be played and who they are playing against in the Ladder and Tournaments Forum.The first round starts on Friday, April 17th. We will aim to broadcast a number of...

2015 1v1 Random Mirror Tournament Announced!

Thursday, 9 Apr 2015
GameReplays.org will be hosting a new tournament for the Battle for Middle Earth section brought to you by ketis. The winner of the tournament will be receiving a medal that can be placed in the signature area of his/her user profile. All matches throughout the tournament are to be played as...

2v2 Ladder Tournament: Sign-ups

Wednesday, 21 Dec 2011
The first ever GameReplays.org 2v2 Ladder Tournament is starting soon. The tournament will take place between Monday December 26th and Sunday January 8th. Over the course of these two weeks, the best 2v2 Ladder Team will be determined! To be eligible to play, you need only to be on the 2v2...

1v1 Ladder Tournament: Rules and Schedule

Sunday, 27 Nov 2011
As November draws to a close along with this months 1v1 Ladder, it highlights the beginning of the Battle for Middle-earth's first ever Ladder Tournament. As many of you should be aware, at the end of the month the 1v1 Ladder shall be reset for the next two months. The players who finish within...