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BFME Christmas Tournament 2018

By Earendil - 25th December 2018 - 10:01 AM

Hey guys,

Merry Christmas everyone! We will host a short and special 2vs2 Christmas tournament on December, 25.

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The tournament will be played on the XMAS Mini Mod on the T3A Server. It will only last one evening!

The format:
4 Teams - teammates can be chosen
All games are best of 3.
The host can pick the map and the offhost picks the spot
Third game will be played on Dunedain Forest.

You can sign up here in the topic. However you must Check-In immediately before the tournament starts in the BFME Discord server, which is where we will communicate during the whole tourney. You can also use voice chat.

Steps to participate:
1. Sign-up here in the topic.
2. Immediately before the tournament starts you have to Check-In in our BFME Discord server
3. Make sure you have a T3A Server Account and the XMAS Mini Mod installed.
4. Make sure to open your router ports so you can connect to the other players

The tourney will start on 25.12.2018, 7 pm GMT+1. Check-Ins up to 2 hours earlier.

Standard tournament rules apply.

Map pool: Dunedain Forest, Wold

How to play online with the XMAS mod
(1. Start the T3A launcher. In the menu bar go to 'Hook' and select 'BFME1'. Close the launcher)
2. Start the Xmas mod shortcut on the Desktop with rightclick - run as admin. Then click on the 'BFME1' button, go to 'Multiplayer'-> 'Online' and login with your T3A server account. -> this should work easy without even using the first step
3. Make sure to open your router ports to connect to other players.

Let's enjoy this great christmas mod of BFME biggrin.gif

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