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New BFME Quickmatch Ladder 2019

By Earendil - 1st January 2019 - 23:29 PM

Hey fellow BFME players,

first of all, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2019!

With a new year dawning, the time for a new BFME Quickmatch ladder has come!
After 6603 matches in total and many great games, this is the moment to start anew.

At first, I want to thank T3A and especially ICT who created the ladder site and made all of this possible!
Also many thanks to the players who spent their freetime taking care of the QM ladder reports:
IlPrincipino, RP0, Dunedain`, Myth, Anon` and Pallando.

Final Standings:

1 vs 1
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2 vs 2
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3 vs 3
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Total games from 1st June 2015 until 31 Dec 2018:

1vs1 QM: Total matches 1604
2vs2 QM: Total matches 4151
3vs3 QM: Total matches 848

As for myself, this QM ladder was the greatest thing since the server shutdown by EA. It brought back some nice competition and also some of the QM feeling of old times which have made me keep playing this game.

I can remember many great games with unbelievable comebacks and great battles. It also showed that with the random ally system you don't even need 4 or 6 pros to get a very special game.

Like these crazy 3vs3 games:



When I think of the QM-Ladder I have this classic memories:

Dune and Dune Isen ... which made me ragequit one time biggrin.gif also the laggames he created a lot in the past but we still loved him biggrin.gif

- Dune Isen can also win crazy games biggrin.gif

The 2 vs 2 QM El Clssico: The countless games between IlPrincipino, RP0, Myth and myself (all together we have played 6391 matches in the 2vs2 Ladder biggrin.gif)

The 2vs2 PRO evenings with Pino, Felix and Oats - maybe the best pro game series of the past years without any flames and rage just enjoying the game together on a very high level

Early Bird: The games in the morning with Anon`, RPO, and whoever we could find as 4th player at 10 AM biggrin.gif
Also the 1vs1 Fishybashes at Sunday morning (Fishy 1.0 :*)

Great memories and great fun thx guys <3



The Ladder has been a joy to play 2v2 again with random teams and maps, I think a New Years Ladder reset is a great idea so we can see how players have developed in 2019. My best game I can remember to date is the last 2v2 I played which was myself and Zedi_K vrs Orange and Anon on Wold.

I want to mention this game because we were 2 isen vrs Gondor and Rohan and alot of players quit mirrors or dbl armies today which I think destroys the game.

This game proves 2 isen can not just win but dominate off host vrs 2 fol on Wold and I think itís a classic example of how we should play Ladder in 2019. Another day 2 fol could win because itís 2v2 after all best team wins 

So ty to Orange and all who play in Ladder to make Bfme a great league to play, Happy Christmas and New year to all




"Looking back to 2018, I can say it was a very succesful year for qm. Not only did we achieve to play XXX games in all classes, I also managed to ban Sam from playing with me for over 10 months. Therefore, it was a gret pleasure and lots of fun to be part of the qm Session this year. I am very hopeful that 2019 will be even more fun and that there many more years to come for qm!

My fav Qm game of 2018


I played 1000+ qm with 70%+ winning ratios and reason behind this is simple :

Refuse to lose.
Refuse to be defeated.
Refuse to have regrets.

Because of this i made a lot of great come backs in qm and played amazing games as well.
unfortunately couldn't save all but ill share with some of the best games i played in qm.

Qm is better than Cw because of a simple reason and that is, you get to play with all kind of players in team and all kinds of different maps.

here are some of the best games i played in 1v1/2v2/3v3 :

2v2 RI vs II
1v1 Amazing comeback
Crazy 3v3 Carnage!
3v3 Really close game
Great RvM on west-emenet
A Very nice game between Regular qm players
2v2 Wold between Pros.
Old Qm School
A Great game in unexpected map

Special BanGi: "I never lag - you guys are just slow"



Important notes for the new ladder:

The new ladder will be named:

The Battle for Middle-earth 1vs1 2019
The Battle for Middle-earth 2vs2 2019
The Battle for Middle-earth 3vs3 2019

You can find the new QM ladders here

You can use the same ladder name as before or you can choose a new one.

For the moment you have to do the QM draws on the old ladder page.

The old ladder will stay in the old BFME I interface and will be renamed "X vs X 2015 - 2018".

Now start playing guys and try to reach and defend the top ranks of the new Quickmatch ladders!

Good luck and have fun (MERG1N only)!

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