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Samuel Bass Exclusive GameReplays Q&A

By Vilin13 - 26th March 2010 - 18:01 PM

Samuel Bass, one of the Lead Designer's for Tiberian Twilight, who's focus has been the fiction we know and love, took the time to have a short question and answer with our own Vilin13. Sam is a long time contributor to the Command & Conquer franchise having worked on both Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath as well as Red Alert 3 prior to C&C 4.

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Vilin13 - How are you currently satisfied with C&C 4?

Samuel Bass - Overall, I think its a good game - I wish the campaign were longer, for both story and end-user satisfaction reasons, but we just didn't have the resources to make more than we did, given how complex balancing a mission for 3 classes and 20 levels in both SP and Co-Op turned out to be - but, all in all, I'm satisfied with the end result. We knew it was going to be polarizing, and it is, but there's fun in there if people are willing to set their biases aside and dig in a little.

Vilin13 - Why did you decide not to continue the story from Kane's Wrath?

Samuel Bass - We did, in a way; none of what happened in CNC4 could have occurred without LEGION claiming and merging with the Tacitus, and LEGION continues to be a key part of Nod. There's a much longer, more complex answer to why LEGION isn't in the game - well, it is, but only as the Nod EVA voice - but the basic gist of it is that Kane needs LEGION if he is to execute his plans, and thus must keep its existence (as more than an EVA) secret, even from those Nod faithful not specifically trusted with maintaining and supporting the AI (such as those in the LEGION Bunker in Kane's Wrath).

Vilin13 - What is your view on Kane? If you were to decide, what would he
be, human or alien or something completely different?

Samuel Bass - Kane isn't human - he may look as if he is, but he isn't. As for his origins, that I can't speak to right now.

Vilin13 - People are often questoning why didn't you include the Scrin in C&C 4?

Samuel Bass - That was simply a question of resources - we just didn't have the manpower or time to build and balance another 3 10-14 unit classes. I love the Scrin, and would love to see them return.

Vilin13 - Did resources you had available affect the game storywise?

Samuel Bass - As I said, our campaign was shorter than I'd have liked due to resource limitations, which forced us to condense the storyline in order to make it fit. That said, I'm pretty proud of what we made - there are some great scenes and missions in there.

Vilin13 - What is in store for C&C now? Is it going to have a little rest? Will we ever see another EALA C&C ?

Samuel Bass - Can't tell you that, they'd shoot me on the spot. However, it is worth noting that we now have Jon Van Caneghem (Heroes of Might and Magic etc.) as our Creative Director, and have some great things in the hopper for the future...

Vilin13 - Will we ever see Nod and GDI (and Scrin) again?

Samuel Bass - I hope so. I love the Tiberium Universe and would really like to to see it continue.

Vilin13: - What is EALA going to do now that C&C 4 is complete?

Samuel Bass - Sleep, mainly.

Vilin13 - And finally, what's on the other side of the portal?

Samuel Bass - Can't tell you that...but it isn't a Scrin Mothership.

Vilin13 - And a question not connected to games, since you are a South Park fan, how did you enjoy the opening of the new season?

Samuel Bass - I thought it was funny - I loved the Tiger Woods 2011 jokes - but not quite up to their best. Still, there's a lot of material out there, and I have high hopes for the season overall.

Thank you Sam, for taking your time to explain a few things!

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