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2 vs 2 Tales of Valor Tournament

By dukejason - 29th December 2017 - 15:23 PM

Relic Entertainment has created a 2 vs 2 tournament in Company of Heroes Tales of Valor. The Tournament will take place on December 30th,2017. The tournament will be hosted by dukejason and Kaos. The official broadcast will be on twitch: Official Tournament Broadcast

Please add dukejason Twitch channel for instant notification of start time.


This tournament was created to see who is the best 2 vs 2 team in Company of Heroes. Do you still have what it takes to compete in the highest rated WWII RTS of all time? Sign up now to find out.

All Players Must check in at by 10:45 [EST] on Saturday or you will not be seeded into brackets and you will not be able to play.Any players that go past wait time and fail to check ready in between match will be given automatic loss.
We have enabled free agency for this tournament, meaning if you do not have a partner you may still join tournament and find a team.

Discord will be used for instant communication between players and administrator of tournament. There will be a player meeting at 10:30 am [EST], this is mandatory meeting. Any questions anyone may have,will be answered in real time.


Absolutely no streaming by players of tournament games,broadcasters will do the streaming
Teams: 2 vs 2 - Axis vs Allies
Coin Toss Website: http://cointoss.benhorrigan.com/
Win Condition: Victory Point
Faction Selection: Winner of Coin Toss gets first pick of faction (for best of 3, see below)
Map Selection: Map will be selected using the veto system (see Rules below)
Mod: No Mods
Starting Location: Random
Arranged Teams: Allowed
Replays must be uploaded to the Replay section of the forums after each match: Official Tournament Replay Forum

Opening rounds: Single elimination
Quarters: Single elimination
Semi: Best out of 3
Finals (Grand): Best out of 5

All 2 vs 2 auto match maps are allowed.
First Veto: Loser of the coin toss gets first map veto
Game 1: Captains will take turns vetoing maps from the map pool until only one map remains
Game 2 (If applicable): The second game in a series will be played on the same map as game 1
Game 3: (If applicable): The third game of a series will follow the same veto process for game 1. NOTE: The map from Game 1 is automatically vetoed.

Axis VS Allies only
Game 1: Winning captain of the Coin Toss gets first pick of faction
Game 2 (if applicable): Players swap sides (Axis to Allies & vice versa)
Game 3 (if applicable): Player with the higher winning VP count gets first pick of faction

Players must check-in before the start of the tournament in order to participate
Check-in will open 15 minutes before tournament start time
Only checked-in players will be seeded into the tournament bracket

Once paired with an opponent, both players are required to check-in for their match on Battlefy. Once player checks in, their opponent will have 20 minutes to also check-in or they will automatically forfeit the match. Once both players have checked in, they are required to use the PRIVATE CHAT feed located on their Match page to communicate with their opponent and set up the match.Once the match is ready to start, one or both players MUST report in the PRIVATE CHAT feed that their match has begun.

Once seeding for a round is complete, players will have 20 minutes to coordinate and start their match. If neither player checks in or both players check-in and the match has not started within 20 minutes of the check-in, the lower seeded player will automatically forfeit the match and be dropped from the tournament.

After each match, players are required to report their team's score on their match page. Any disputes will be handled by a Tournament Moderator who may require a replay of the match for review. The Tournament Moderator has final say regarding all match disputes. Relic & the administrators of this tournament reserve the right to change or add any rule at any time during this tournament at our discretion.

Official Relic Entertainment Battlfy Page

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