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By Seb - 16th June 2011 - 22:29 PM

Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor are three names for the same game: Company of Heroes. Players from all of these games log into the same server, can host games together, meet in automatch, watch the same replays, and a lot more. In other words, the content installed on your computer is the same no matter which game you have.

The current version of these three games is the same: 2.602.

The Differences

There are some differences between the three games, and they are related to the content you can use yourself.

Company of Heroes

IPB Image

This is the original game. It gives you access to the IPB Image American and IPB Image Wehrmacht armies, as well as to the American campaign Invasion of Normandy.

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

IPB Image

This is the first expansion. It gives you access to the IPB Image British and IPB Image Panzer Elite armies, as well as to the British campaign Liberation of Caen, and the Panzer Elite campaign Operation Market Garden.

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

IPB Image

This is the second expansion. It gives you access to all four armies, unlocks two vehicles replacements for each of those armies, as well as the three short campaigns: Tiger Ace, Causeway and Falaise Pocket. It also gives you access to some lesser-played multiplayer modes called Operations. These modes are Stonewall, Panzerkrieg, and Assault.

Which Game Should I Buy?

If you want to experience multiplayer only, you should buy Tales of Valor. It gives you access to the full multiplayer content. If you enjoy playing single player campaigns only, then you should to buy the game(s) containing the campaign(s) you wish to play. Finally, if you love this game and want to access everything, you need to buy the three of them, if possible in a package to save some money.