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The Heroes of Newerth Beginner's Guide

Retrospective Design: Nomad

Saturday, 3 Dec 2011
Tremble and Nomad, as I like to think, were the bastard children of our design team. They came at a crucial period of transition–we were moving from a sporadic, “when it’s done” schedule for hero production to a regimented, “one hero per two weeks” schedule. Even though Tremble was in development...

Hero Development Work-in-Progress: Druid #3

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011
This is the third and final piece detailing the continued development, and eventually death, of the Druid concept in HoN.We left off three months ago with the Druid, then named Artemis, in a very peculiar spot. At the time of publication, the publicized design was already a week-old, and as many...

Nigma's Blog: Balance - Or: Why Your Opinion is Wrong

Wednesday, 5 Oct 2011
Balance is and will always be one of the hottest topics in any video game that revolves around winning. In a game like Heroes of Newerth, where there are over 90 Heroes, each with their own unique synergies with one another, Balance can often be somewhat challenging. Adding one new Hero to HoN...

[S2]Nomes Blog: The Designer’s Folly

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011
Design is not linear; there is not a simple scale by which you can rate it, and it cannot be dichotomized into simple good and bad. Rather, the elusive perfect design rests in the valley of an inverse normal distribution; that is, the theoretically perfect design tends to be the most difficult to...

[S2]Nomes Blog: Hero Development: Midas

Thursday, 8 Sep 2011
Although he’s being released this Friday, Midas was actually the first hero I designed and scripted at S2. Interestingly enough, he’s perhaps one of the least thematically different from his original concept, the “Alchemist”, which can still be found here on the suggestions forums.I never...

[S2]Nomes Blog: Hero Development: Druid #2

Wednesday, 17 Aug 2011
This is second in a series of pre-release development blogs for a hero in progress. In the previous edition, I commented on the initial design goals and challenges that were presented in designing such a hero, as well as the influences that transpired me to create it. In this installment, I will...

[S2]Nomes Blog: Hero Development: Druid

Thursday, 11 Aug 2011
Typically I write my blogs after a hero is finalized, but this time I’ll try something new. Those of you who follow my Twitter may recall that I began work on a “Druid” character last week (August 3rd, 2011), which I quickly drafted and scripted in two days. The hero will likely be receiving...

[S2]Nome's Blog - The Monkey King

Tuesday, 19 Jul 2011
This post is a mirror of my forum post regarding the same matter. I will most a more detailed breakdown of the development process, focusing on the transition of Harlequin to Monkey King, at a later date.The Monkey King stands triumphantly atop the snow-capped peak. Who will challenge this...

[S2]Nome's Blog - The Next Generation MOBA #1

Monday, 11 Jul 2011
In this series, we’ll explore some of the problems that face the genre, and how it must evolve to remain fresh and relevant. Do not miscontrue any of this as an intended design direction for HoN; these are simply my musings and expectations for the future of the genre.Problem #1: There exists an...

[S2]Nome's Blog - Hero Development: Emerald Warden

Thursday, 30 Jun 2011
Emerald Warden development roughly began in earnest in early April. I scripted and solo-iterated him within a period of 3 days, and he selected to be added to the hero queue on April 18. Testing began in mid May, and he was finalized without further changes June 24.The Emerald Warden’s roots, as...