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The Heroes of Newerth Beginner's Guide

Riftwalker Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 8 May 2012
Riftwalker is the newest girly hero addition to the Heroes of Newerth hero pool. Riftwalker is an intelligence hero with four active spells that synergize very well with each other. Her first ability, Cascade Event, is similar to Magmus' ulti from DotA, but it is a targeted spell which draws all...

Artillery Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2012
"Transformers heroes in... Newerth?!" Everyone please welcome Artillery, the newest addition to Heroes of Newerth. This ranged agility hero is equipped with weapons with high range, that can slow you down and even out-range defense towers. His ultimate can stun enemies in an area and it pushes...

Gunblade Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012
Gunblade, the Sheriff of the Damned will be coming to Newerth this Friday. He is ranged carry that excels in close ranged combat. His first skill, Crippling Slugs, fires three rounds of bullets in a direction. Each round deals damage and slows all enemies hit. His second spell, Demonic Shield...

Berzerker Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012
Berzerker, the hero from the cold tundras of north is here! This hero could be a great team killer in later levels and he looks very useful in early levels as well. Chain Spike allows him to slow a hero, but also deal some damage. His first skill combined with Mark for Death, which increases his...

Gravekeeper Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 17 Jan 2012
Gravekeeper is a lean mean corpses recycling machine. Gravekeeper not only uses corpses that are found on the ground, but he also creates new corpses with three of his four abilities. His first spell is a short stun which doesn't have a cooldown, since it uses charges which are gathered from...

Artesia Spotlight Video

Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012
Artesia is a cool looking ranged intelligence hero with low-cooldown and low-manacost spells. Her main damage output is done via rocket like projectile which does damage in AOE and it also slows down opponents that are hit, as well as a passive which damages nearest enemies every time she casts a...

Lord Salforis Spotlight Video

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011
Lord Salforis is the latest hero coming from the factory called S2 Games. Salforis is a melee strength hero with three casting spells which make him a good nuker with very high burst damage output. His passive gives him nice regeneration and damage over time to enemy heroes near him, which looks...

Monarch Spotlight Video

Thursday, 6 Oct 2011
Monarch is one of the only support heroes in the game that sports a decent survivability despite being a ranged intelligence hero. With the use of Chrysalis, she can shield herself or allies from harm when approached in battle, making it a core spell to level if playing as a pure support....

Drunken Master Spotlight Video

Friday, 29 Jul 2011
Just a few days after the Monkey King spotlight video, S2 has released another spotlight, but this time for Drunken Master. He looks like a drunk fool who will be very hard to kill with his heal, free Nullstone and leap like skills. Check out the spotlight below.Monkey King will come to Newerth...

Monkey King Spotlight Video

Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011
Spotlight video for the Monkey King, the Heroes of Newerth upcoming hero inspired by none other then Goku from Dragon Ball Z, has just been released. His slamming abilities with a combination of his flying cloud, look very interesting and refreshing. Check out the spotlight below.Monkey King...