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Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars Finals Season 1
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C&C 3 KW Pandemic Tournament Replays

By eXs.bikefan - 21st November 2020 - 16:59 PM

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On November 21st 2020, GameReplays hosted the C&C 3 Kane's Wrath Pandemic Tournament.

The tournament was played in an FFA format (everyone vs everyone) and had 6 participants. In this article, we bring you all replays of the tournament in one place. Spoiler alert: the tournament winner is revealed in this article. To view replays without worrying about spoilers follow this link.

Group Stage - Group A

In Group A, automan29, DuneTiger and Nomad814 faced off against each other.

Group Stage - Group B

In Group B, monstertaimer, Lamas and Sharpsense clashed against each other.

Grand Finals

The grand final participants were DuneTiger, Nomad814, monstertaimer and Lamas (DuneTiger did not was not able to play in last match and his spot was taken over by Sharpsense. After three matches on the maps Redzone Rampage, Downtown Dustbowl and Wrecktropolis Nomad814 took the victory in the C&C 3 Kane's Wrath Pandemic Tournament with a total of 9 points.

Congratulations to Nomad814 for taking the first place in the C&C 3 Kane's Wrath Pandemic Tournament. Thanks to the following people for participating in the event and making it possible:


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