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Kanes Wrath

Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars Finals Season 1
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Kane's Wrath Winners' Circle

By Eph2.8-9 - 16th March 2010 - 18:10 PM

Welcome to the GameReplays.org Kane's Wrath Winners' Circle! Want to know who's won how many tournaments, stretching all the way back to 1.00? We've got the answer for you, as this list shows definitively who the top Kane's Wrath players are, in order of tournament wins. Of course, the breakdown isn't necessarily reflective of individual skill, but it does provide a general rubric of the top competitors in Kane's Wrath.

Last updated: Kane's Wrath 10 Year Marathon Tournament

Top players

Top Ten Ranks by Tournament Wins

1. bike-RUsh+ownz+ (45 points)
2. Technique (43 points)
3. AoeNiaN (23 points)
4. SteveNash#13 (AKA Phoenix) (21 points)
5. Bonu$_[RU] (18 points)
6. Masterleaf (15 points)
7. Wookibert (10 points)
8. Voddy (9 points)
9. eXs.iLLusion (AKA MAZE) (8 points)
10. OneVision (6 points)

Version 1.03 (Community Patch)

Year 2012

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Kane's Wrath Community Patch Tournament #7eXs.iLLusionI.AM.OP

Year 2011

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Kane's Wrath Community Patch Tournament #6AoeNiaNDaGyMaN
Kane's Wrath Community Patch Tournament #5Green_ZEROAoeNiaN
Kane's Wrath Community Patch Tournament #4AoeNiaNJcd007
Kane's Wrath Community Patch Tournament #3AoeNiaNDirTy_DutcH
Kane's Wrath Community Patch Tournament #2AoeNiaNDaGyMaN
Kane's Wrath Community Patch Tournament #1MaRTIAN (alias SniPerFire)Green_ZERO

Version 1.02 / 1.02+

Year 2018 (10 Year Anniversary)

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Kane's Wrath Decade Cup Wildcard Tournament #4*Bike+Rush+OwnzTechnique
Kane's Wrath Decade Cup Wildcard Tournament #3*OneVisionTechnique
Kane's Wrath Decade Cup Wildcard Tournament #2*TechniqueDimitery
Kane's Wrath Decade Cup Wildcard Tournament #1*MasterleafBike+Rush+Ownz
Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars 2018 Season January FinalsTechniqueBike+Rush+Ownz
Kane's Wrath 10 Year Marathon 2vs2 Vanilla Only TournamentPhoenix & GranolaWegotherock3ts & xXCyberstormXx
Kane's Wrath 10 Year Marathon Vanilla FFA TournamentDune TigerMaze.
Kane's Wrath 10 Year Marathon 2vs2 TournamentZTipzee, PhoenixEkko, DVMIR

Year 2017

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Kane's Wrath Bike Rush Christmas Tournament*Bike-Rush-OwnzTechnique
Kane's Wrath November Ladder Wars FinalsxXCyberstormXxTechnique
Kane's Wrath December 3vs3 R12 TournamentOneVision, xXCyberstormXx, PhoenixDuneTiger, Dimitery, Technique
Kane's Wrath November 1vs1 R12 TournamentBike-Rush-OwnzMasterleaf
Kane's Wrath World Cup Season 1 Round 2Bike-Rush-OwnzTechnique
Kane's Wrath October Ladder WarsSennaBike-Rush-Ownz
Kane's Wrath October 1vs1 R12 TournamentTechniqueSenna
Kane's Wrath September Ladder WarsTechniqueGranola
Kane's Wrath September 2vs2 R12 TournamentPhoenix + DeathSentenceOneVision Andre
Kane's Wrath August Ladder WarsBike+Rush=OwnzTechnique
Kane's Wrath September 1vs1 R12 TournamentBike+Rush=OwnzMasterleaf
Kane's Wrath #5 FFA TournamentTechniqueOneVision
Kane's Wrath July Ladder WarsSennaDune Tiger
Kane's Wrath C&C Online 3 Year Anivesary Tournament*TechniqueOneVision
Kane's Wrath Pro League 4vs4 Tournament (hosted by Gutty)OneVision, Andre, Death Sentence, SpecterJakeWhite, Masterleaf, Cyberstorm, Blackheart
Kane's Wrath June Ladder WarsSennaCyberstorm
Kane's Wrath June 1vs1 R12 TournamentUnleashed_UADerand4111
Kane's Wrath May Ladder WarsDerandAggressor_Ru
Kane's Wrath Marathon Tournament Event 4: Super FFAGranola17Phantom9399
Kane's Wrath Marathon Tournament Event 3: 2vs2 AI TournamentJake White, XtremizerGranola17, Kiril_UA
Kane's Wrath Marathon Tournament Event 2: Custom Map FFAJake WhiteDuneTiger
Kane's Wrath Marathon Tournament Event 1: Old School TournamentNumbfishWorker^
Kane's Wrath April Ladder WarsOneVisionDuneTiger
Kane's Wrath April 1vs1 R12 New Map TournamentTechniqueDimitery
Kane's Wrath March Ladder WarsDimiteryCyberstorm
Kane's Wrath March 1vs1 R12 TournamentPhoenix`Maze
Kane's Wrath 2vs2 R12 Tournament (Inspired by Kiril.UA)Death Sentence, SpecterColdHunger, Dimitery
Kane's Wrath February Ladder WarsDimiteryEncore
Kane's Wrath 34A TournamentTechniquePhoenix
Kane's Wrath January Ladder WarsTechniqueCyberstorm
Kane's Wrath January 3vs3 R12 TournamentOneVision, Andre^, Maze.JonyCalcinha, Xtremizer, Death Sentence
Kane's Wrath December Ladder WarsDimiteryCyberstorm

Year 2016

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Kane's Wrath December 1vs1 R12 TournamentTechniqueAggressor_Ru
Kane's Wrath December Custom Map 2vs2 TournamentPhotonics & JonyCalcinhaMaze & Xtremizer
Kane's Wrath November Ladder WarsDimiteryShokTrepet
Kane's Wrath 1vs1 Rising Dawn TournamentOneVisionUnleashed_UA
Kane's Wrath 1vs1 Spaced Out TournamentPhoenixMaze
Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars OctoberXXCyberstormXXZTipzee
Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars SeptemberBikeRushOwnzXXCyberstormXX
Kane's Wrath Autumn Apocalypse TournamentBootyWarriorOnevI$ion
Kane's Wrath #2 Renegade Wars TournamentCGF, Predatore, RandomnessFTGranola17, Rocks, G66_UA
Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars AugustBootyWarrior-Giopanipi-
Kane's Wrath 2vs2 Pair of Steel Tournament*Phoenix & WookibertZ-Tipzee & OneVI$ION
Kane's Wrath Inca Open #1 Tournament**TechniqueMasterleaf
Kane's Wrath #1 Junior 1vs1 TournamentCommanderOBTorch4893
Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars JulyZTipzeeDerand4111
Kane's Wrath Decimation 1vs1 TournamentTechnique-Giopanipi-
Kane's Wrath Sonic 1vs1 TournamentBooty WarriorDimitery
Kane's Wrath June Ladder WarsWookibertOneVision
Kane's Wrath May Ladder Wars-Giopanipi-Dimitery
Kane's Wrath Chaos 1vs1 Tournament-Giopanipi-Derand
Kane's Wrath #1 Renegade Wars Tournament-Ichor-, G66_(UA)Granola17, CGF123
Kane's Wrath One Vision Mod TournamentOneVi$ionW3goth3rock3ts
Kane's Wrath Outcast 1vs1 TournamentPhoenix`Unleashed_UA
Kane's Wrath February Ladder WarsMasterleafBootyWarrior
Kane's Wrath Grand FFA Tournament*Phoenix`Death_Sentence, JonyCalcinha
Kane's Wrath January Ladder WarsPhoenix`BootyWarrior
Kane's Wrath New Year 2vs2 TournamentPhoenix`, Booty WarriorLegende, Alibaster

Year 2015

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Kane's Wrath December Ladder WarsPhoenix`AggressivePanda
Kane's Wrath Christmas Mod 1vs1 TournamentWarstorm666Dimitery
Kane's Wrath Control Zones 1vs1 TournamentGranola17Predatore
Kane's Wrath Fright Night 1vs1 TournamentPheonix`Wegotherockets
Kane's Wrath 1vs1 8-Pack TournamentPheonix`Wookibert
Kane's Wrath 1vs1 Memory Lane TournamentAggressivePandaSpace
Kane's Wrath King of the Hill 2015BootyWarrior (alias Wookibert)No one
Kane's Wrath 3vs3 Spring Tournaments2nzo, incapaisa, MrWhiteyRock3ts, Xtremizer, nice.ru
Kane's Wrath C&C 20th Anniversary 1vs1 Tournament*masterleaf5 (alias masterleaf)Maze
Kane's Wrath Community 1vs1 TournamentBootycall (alias Wookibert)Pheonix`
Kane's Wrath Summer Smackdown 2015 1vs1 Tournamentmasterleaf5 (alias masterleaf)pheonix`
Kane's Wrath 2vs2 Championship Tournament**Masterleaf, Dirty DutchBootyCall, Bike+Rush=Ownz
Kane's Wrath 2vs2 Warm-up TournamentBike+Rush=Ownz, Panicworker^, Bravo_3.RU( alias Sozdatel')
Kane's Wrath Cliffhanger TournamentBike+Rush=OwnzWookibert
Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars MarchMasterleafGiopanipi
Kane's Wrath Conquer Cup #22 (Hosted by BikeRushBikeRushOwnzeGu3r1il4
Kane's Wrath FFA TournamentMazeBravo_3
Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars FebruarymasterleafAgr3ssivePanda
Kane's Wrath Vanilla Mania 1.02+ 1vs1 Tournamentmasterleaf5 (alias masterleaf)kimosabe

Year 2014

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
December Ladder Wars (1.02+)masterleaf5 (alias masterleaf)Wookibert
Kane's Wrath Christmas Tournament (hosted by BikeRush)*BikeRushOwnzPanic
Kane's Wrath Holiday 3v3 Tournament (1.02+)Wookibert, Xtremizer, Cabal^Death-Sentence', Romijn, rock3ts
Kane's Wrath Fall Frenzy No Random 1v1 Tournament (1.02+)Phoenix`Unleashed_[UA]
Kane's Wrath Duo-Or-Die 2v2 Tournament (1.02+)bike-RUsh+ownz+, Phoenix`-iLoveMilF$", $upernova (alias SN185)
Kane's Wrath Season 1 #01 1vs1 Tournament* (hosted by BikeRush)BikeRushOwnzStateoftheunion
Kane's Wrath 1.02+ Random Only 1v1 Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+ (alias Ownz+Rush+Bike)XXcyberstormXX
Kane's Wrath Summer Smackdown 1v1 Tournament (1.02+)DirTy_DutcH (alias $w@g_Don_DaDa)XXcyberstormXX
Kane's Wrath Nationality 2v2 Tournament (1.02+)PANIC^.-B4rTgF, Andre`WarStorm666, stateoftheunion
May Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+TiberianFuture
Kane's Wrath Goodbye GameSpy 1v1 Tournament (1.02+)bike-RUsh+ownz+Technique (alias WinForFun)
April Ladder WarsDirTy_DutcHmasterleaf5 (alias masterleaf)
March Ladder WarsTechniquemasterleaf5 (alias masterleaf)
Trilogy 3v3 TournamentGreen_ZERO, Bonu$_[RU], TechniqueSurvivorman^, masterleaf5, .'Plan.Eden'.
January Ladder WarsTechnique (alias Tank)masterleaf5

Year 2013

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
December Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+Technique
November Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+Technique (alias WinForFun)
Kane's Wrath 1.02+ Random Only 1v1 Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+Bonu$_[RU] (alias dasdsadasdasd)
October Ladder WarsAoeNiaNmasterleaf5
Kane's Wrath 1v1 New Maps Tournament (1.02+)Bonu$_[RU]Unleashed_[UA]
September Ladder Wars-KiMOsaBE-(forfeited)
Official Command & Conquer 1v1 Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+Technique (forfeited finals)
August Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+TiberianFuture
Kane's Wrath 1.02+ 2v2 Prize Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+, Bonu$_[RU]|Jack|, PANIC^.-B4rTgF
Kane's Wrath Random Only 1.02+ 1v1 Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+masterleaf5
July Ladder WarsGreen_ZEROmasterleaf5
Kane's Wrath "Vanilla Only" 1v1 Tournament (1.02+)TechniqueBonu$_[RU]
June Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+masterleaf5
Kane's Wrath 3v3 1.02+ Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+, masterleaf5, Phoenix`.'Plan.Eden'., trouble055, puchuebi
June 23rd 1v1 1.02+ Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+ (alias Playtolose)masterleaf5
Kane's Wrath 2v2 1.02+ Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+, masterleaf5Green_ZERO, -KiMOsaBE-
Kane's Wrath 1v1 1.02+ Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+ (alias GemiMi)giopanipi (alias -eQuiNoX-)
Kane's Wrath "Farewell GameSpy?" Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+, Spectre`JonyCalcinha2, Tomber
January Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+stateoftheunion (alias SmilesBetray)

Year 2012

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
December Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+Technique (alias WinForFun)
Kane's Wrath "After the World's End" 1vs1 Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+Technique
November Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+masterleaf5
November Kane's Wrath 1vs1 1.02+ TournamentMaze. (aka eXs.iLLusion)PANIC^.-B4rTgF
October Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+Green_ZERO
October Kane's Wrath 1vs1 Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+eXs.iLLusion
October Kane's Wrath 3v3 1.02+ TournamentAoeNiaN, bike-RUsh+ownz+, Jcd007Cabal^, masterleaf5, TiberianFuture
September Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+AoeNiaN
September Kane's Wrath 2vs2 1.02+ Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+, TiberianFutureGreen_ZERO, -KiMOsaBE-
August Kane's Wrath 1vs1 1.02+ TournamentSpectre`Tomber
August Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+eXs.iLLusion
July Kane's Wrath 2vs2 TournamenteXs.iLLusion, SteveNash#13bike-RUsh+ownz+, Metalone
July Ladder WarseXs.iLLusionmasterleaf5
July Kane's Wrath 1v1 Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+d.Dackel
June Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+PANIC^.-B4rTgF
May Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+Green_ZERO
May Kane's Wrath 1v1 TournamenteXs.iLLusionSpectre`
April Ladder Warsbike-RUsh+ownz+ (alias eXs.BikeRuShxD)Green_ZERO
April Kane's Wrath 2v2 TournamenteXs.iLLusion and eXs.PulseJonyCalcinha2 and Unleashed_[UA]
March Ladder WarseXs.BLoOdAoeNiaN
February Ladder WarsAoeNiaNJonyCalcinha2
January Ladder WarsAoeNiaNJonyCalcinha2

Year 2011

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
December Ladder WarsAoeNiaNStopbitchin (alias Enosh.)
Kane's Wrath 1-Vs.-1 Tournament by Eph2.8-9Bonu$_[Ru]Eclipse (alias eXs.Pulse)
November Ladder WarsBonu$_[Ru]Alias]IPoWNYoU
October Ladder Warsbikerushownz (alias AsMondiAns)AoeNiaN
Jcd007's 1-vs.-1 Kane's Wrath TournamentTechniqueUnleashed_[UA]
August Ladder WarsAoeNiaNGreen_Zero
July Ladder WarsEclipse (alias eXs.Pulse)AoeNiaN
June Ladder WarsTechniqueEclipse (alias eXs.Pulse)
June 1v1 TournamentAoeNiaNDirTy_DutcH (alias DirTy_D_o|/|/nZ)
May Ladder WarsJonyCalcinha2AoeNiaN
Cabal's 2v2 TournamentI.AM.OP, ikkug_)))))))Tomber, EyeontheSky
April Ladder WarsTechniqueAoeNiaN
April 1v1 TournamentAoeNiaNBeatforward
March Ladder WarsTechnique-Cloverfield^
February Ladder WarsAoeNiaNauroranegra
February Kane's Wrath 1-vs.-1 TournamentBonu$_[Ru]RTS*(Champion) (alias *RaYz3r*)
Luna's Moonlight 1v1 TournamentBonu$_[Ru], ImTibis (finals not played)
January Ladder WarsAoeNiaNCamanium (alias C_LeGisLatiVe_W)

Year 2010

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
December Ladder WarsAoeNiaNikkuh
Steel Talons 3v3Green_ZERO, Gromij, and RTS*ChampionBonu$_[Ru], gtr428, and 3d.u3
November Ladder WarsAoeNiaNeXs.blood
Unleashed's November 2010 1v1TechniqueUnleashed_[UA]
October Ladder WarsBonu$_[Ru]Spectre^
September Ladder WarsAoeNiaNRTS*Champion
October '10 1v1 tournamentTomberG0thic4
August Ladder WarsBonu$_[Ru]RTS*Champion
July Ladder WarsBonu$_[Ru]David.CNC
Maverick Invitational Tournament*TechniqueBonu$_[Ru]
Conquer Cup #27gtr428Spectre^
Conquer Cup #26Bonu$_[Ru]Spectre^
June Ladder WarsRTS*ChampionSpectre^
Home and Away LeagueTechnique and AoeNiaN
Conquer Cup #25SpectreUnleashed_[UA]
Conquer Cup #24Panader0MaRTIAN
May Ladder WarsAoeNiaNSniper-
Conquer Cup #23AoeNiaNBonu$_[Ru]
Conquer Cup #22gtr428Unleashed_[UA]
Conquer Cup #21David.CNCJonyCalcinha2
Luna's Raging Revenge TournamentAeoNiaNDavid.CNC
Conquer Cup #20JonyCalcinha2Unleashed_[UA]
April Ladder WarsAeoNiaNYcarotuzan
April United Forums LeagueTripSviczy
Conquer Cup #19Techniquegtr428
No Epics TournamentTechniquegtr428
ConquerCup #18Bonu$_[Ru]I-ToAsT-YOU^
ConquerCup #17JonyCalcinha2Metalone
KungFuLyn's $50 tournamentTechniqueBonu$_[Ru]
ConquerCup #16Techniquegtr428
Luna's Lunatic TournamentBonu$_[Ru]vOddy, Green_ZERO
ConquerCup Lite #3Unleashed_[UA]gtr428
March Ladder WarsCamaniumMr.Mc
ConquerCup #15Unleashed_[UA]JonyCalcinha2
ConquerCup Lite #2Ukraine$tar (alias ReVoLtEc-) -ZSC~Lions
April '10 $50 tournamentvOddyUkraine$tar (alias ReVoLtEc-)
ConquerCup #14Bonu$_[Ru]3D.u3
ConquerCup Lite #1Bonu$_[Ru]Camanium
ConquerCup #13advancedNoobI_Am_Rubini
ConquerCup #12vOddyReVolTec
Community Map TournamentvOddyUnleashed_[UA]
ConquerCup #11Bonu$_[Ru]3D.u3
February Ladder WarsKhufuAeoNiaN
ConquerCup #103D.u3Bonu$_[Ru]
ConquerCup #9 vOddyadvancedNoob
ConquerCup #8TechniquentO.3d.u3
ConquerCup #7vOddy.3d.u3
January Ladder WarsKhufu
ConquerCup #6vOddyCr@zYZocker
ConquerCup #5Technique-Schelle (aka Insomnia)
ConquerCup #4TechniquevOddy
December Ladder WarsAeoNiaNBonu$_[Ru]
ConquerCup #3TechniqueKhufu
ConquerCup #2TechniqueUkraine$tar

Year 2009

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
3v3 tournamentjohn753*, -Orange^, ~'Day0fD0om'~Pervi, Saphri, vOddy
ConquerCup #1OpTiKPervi
November Ladder WarsmannnniYcarotuZan
Master of Faction tournamentAoeNiaNCamanium
October Ladder WarsTechniqueBonu$_[Ru]
Farewell Unleashed tournament3D.u3
September 2009 1v1 tournamentvOddyBoffinek
Ladder Season 3***TechniqueDynamic
August 2009 United Forums LeagueTechniqueOpTiK
July 2009 2v2 tournamentBonu$_[Ru] and Ukraine$tar
1v1 Random Faction tournamentUkraine$tarUnleashed_[UA]
2009 1v1 Large Map tournamentUnleashed_[UA]vOddy
June 2009 Factional tournamentUnleashed_[UA]Insomnia
May 2009 1v1 tournamentKhufuvOddy
1v1 April 2009 Double Elimination tournamentEyEamZeR0~Boffinek
March 2009 Random Faction tournamentvOddy (alias TiberianSun)JayJonez^
February 2009 2v2 tournament=CoN=Sawik and =CoN=helios6669Totte20 (alias FINTotte20) and HastalaVista
January 2009 1v1 tournamentvOddy (alias TiberianSun)Totte20

Version 1.01

Year 2008

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Ladder Season 2***Relativit (alias i.train[harder])Dynamic
World Cyber Games 2008***DackelHeckenheinrich
KotH tournamentKhufuUnleashed_[UA]
July 2008 2v2 tournamentsirlunchalot and ax.HeckenheimQUAKERxnc and PSYCHOxnc

Version 1.00

Year 2008

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
May 2008 ClanWarsDynamic (alias -XeoNeQ-)Relativit
April 2008 1v1 tournamentKhufuRelativit


No star: 1 point for the winner
One Star: 2 Points for the winner
Two Stars: 3 Points for the winner
Three Stars: 5 Points for the winner

Leave your feedback in the pinned discussion topic in the main discussion forum.

Concept by Maverick199; writing, editing by Eph2.8-9, Jcd007, Plokite_Wolf and phantom9399; tables created by R Schneider