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Tournament Rules

By Forlong - 21st May 2011 - 16:45 PM


We host three types of tournaments: single-day competitions, where players meet with a tournament host and play all the games in the tournament at once in one long event, multi-day competitions that take place over an extended period of time. and monthly competitions that take place over all a month.

All games will be played via GameRanger, and all tournament participants must be members of GameReplays in good standing. You will be provided with instructions for signing up specific to each tournament. Typically, this will involve either posting in a designated sign-up topic in the Rotwk General Discussion Forum.

Rules for Single-day Tournaments

Sign-ups for single-day tournaments close one hour before the tournament is scheduled to begin - no exceptions. No late arrivals will be tolerated unless advance notice is given to the Referee running the event. Any players not present five minutes after the start time will be immediately disqualified. Follow the directions of the Referee, and report the results of each game after it is finished.

Absent Players

If you registered for a tournament and are late (more than 5 minutes past the start time), it will be counted as an absence. There are few valid excuses: you register, you show up, simple as that. YOU MAY UNREGISTER BY CONTACTING THE TOURNAMENT REFEREE AT ANY TIME UP TO AN HOUR BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT BEGINS, at which point registrations are locked. If you do not unregister, then you must participate fully. There's no reason other players should be kept waiting if you can't abide by times you've agreed to. Unregistering is very easy to do, so failure to unregister is taken very seriously.


If a player needs to temporarily leave a tournament between games (for example, to eat a meal), then that will usually be allowed provided that the player returns within 15 minutes. Players who do not return within 15 minutes will be disqualified; this will be treated as an absence.

Early Departures

If you register for a tournament, you must be prepared to be playing for at least five hours (unless matches are best-of-one, in which case you should be prepared to play for at least three hours). If you do not think you will be able to stay that long, don't enter. If you have to leave early, it will count as a forfeit.

Rules for Multi-day Tournaments

Each match will have a discussion topic in the Tournament Round Coordination Forum, which you are responsible for following. The Referee will designate a default time at which the match should be played and a time at which the current round will end. You may use your discussion topic to arrange an alternative time for your match with your opponent, so long as it is played before the round ends. ALL MATCHES MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE TO AT LEAST THE NEAREST HOUR; it is not acceptable to simply hope to run into your opponent online on a specified day. Failure to show up for your match at the designated time will be treated as a tournament absence unless the match is played before the end of the round.

Rules for Monthly Tournaments

You must play your games within the specified month. Month will be splitted in sessions. You and your opponent should decide which days of session n░# your games are to be played. Number of sessions depends on the total number of participants.
It is up to each player to find out their opponent using Challonge (i.e. September one), contact them (referring to the Sign-Up & Tracking Topic (i.e. September one)) and get their matches under way. Is important for us track the capability of a player to find his opponent.

For example:
If there are 16 players, the first match (round of 16) must be played during the 1st session. The Quarters Finals then have to be played during the 2nd session, and the Semi Finals during the 3rd session. If we are able to find 16 participants, you would have to play 1 match (best of 3 games) per week.
Session can be (if we are 16 players) like these:
  • You must complete your 1st session before 10.09.2017 23:59
  • You must complete your 2nd session before 17.09.2017 23:59
  • You must complete your 3rd session before 24.09.2017 23:59
  • The final and battle for the 3rd place will be take place on 30.09.2017

Rules for All Tournaments

Game Rules

Unless otherwise specified in the tournament rules, you may play as any faction you choose, including Random. All games will be played with 1000 starting resources, 1x command points, custom heroes off, ring heroes on. The latest version of Patch 2.02 is mandatory.


Unless otherwise specified in the tournament rules, the off-host player or team will always pick the map for a game, and the on-host player or team will pick spots. In 1v1 or 2v2 tournaments, the map selected must be from the following list of standard tournament maps:

1v1 Maps:

1v1 MapsSizeCreepsNeutral Structures
Fords Isen375x3134x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn
Erech350x3502x Spider Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Signal Fire
Erech II320x3202x Troll Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn
Eryn Laer325x3754x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Signal Fire
Fangorn350x3502x Goblin Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn
Hollin350x3002x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Signal Fire
Midgewater370x3102x Spider Lair, 2x Troll Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn, 1x Signal Fire
Morthond Valley320x3802x Spider Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn
Old Forest360x3104x Spider Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair2x Signal Fire
Rohan300x3004x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Outpost, 2x Signal Fire, 2x Tower
Rohan II300x3002x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn
Tombs of Karna380x3804x Goblin Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn, 1x Signal Fire
Tryn Gorthad370x3207x Barrow Wight Lair2x Inn
West Emnet313x3752x Troll Lair2x Inn, 1x Signal Fire
Westfold375x3252x Goblin Lair, 4x Warg Lair, 1x Troll Lair1x Inn, 2x Signal Fire

2v2 Maps:

2v2 MapsSizeCreepsNeutral Structures
Anfalas II360x3902x Troll Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair1x Inn, 1x Signal Fire
Anorien II330x3602x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair1x Signal Fire
Azanulbizar Valley370x3804x Goblin Lair, 4x Troll Lair1x Outpost, 2x Inn
Buckland350x3502x Troll Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair1x Outpost, 2x Signal Fire
Dale360x4004x Troll Lair1x Outpost, 2x Inn, 2x Signal Fire
Eregion350x4002x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair1x Signal Fire
Far Harad380x3702x Spider, 2x Troll Lair1x Outpost, 2x Signal Fire
Fords of Rohan350x3752x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn, 2x Signal Fire
Hobbitton403x4004x Barrow Wight Lair2x Signal Fire
Plains of Rohan350x3754x Warg Lair, 2x Troll Lair2x Inn, 2x Signal Fire
Rohan Fortifications360x3802x Spider, 2x Troll Lair, 2x Destructible Gates2x Inn
Tombs of Karna II360x3802x Troll Lair, 2x Barrow Wight Lair1x Signal Fire
Udun400x4001x Signal Fire


Unless otherwise specified in the tournament rules, all tournament matches will be played best-of-three. One player or team will host the first game and the other will host the second. If a third game is necessary, or if it is a best-of-one tournament, then a neutral host should be used. At a single-day tournament, the Referee will arrange a neutral host. At a multi-day tournament and monthly tournament, players are responsible for arranging this on their own. Finals matches should always be neutrally-hosted.


Observers are not allowed in tournament games. Exceptions: Commentators casting games, Referees, and neutral hosts.


SAVE A REPLAY OF EVERY GAME PLAYED, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU WIN OR LOSE. Match results will never be accepted in the absence of replay proof. Post all replays in the 2.02 replay section using a proper title and description.

For example:
Title: I.e. "Mako vs Forlong Tournament Round 16", " Mako vs Forlong Tournament Quarter Finals"
Description: "Mako (On host) Dwarves vs Forlong Goblins", "Mako Men of the West vs Forlong Elves, Excelsior Neutral Host"

For multi-day tournaments, you should also post links to your uploaded replays in your designated topic in the Tournament Round Coordination Forum.

Match Errors

If a player accidentally disconnects or receives a game.dat error, or if the game desyncs, then players should attempt to come to an agreement on who has won the match. If no agreement can be reached, then the replay will be reviewed by a Referee or a Replay Reviewer to determine which team won the match, or if a rematch should occur. In the event that the game crashes for all players at once and nobody is able to save the replay normally, one player must rename his "Last Replay" and upload it. Referee decisions may not always be "correct" in all players' opinions, but to keep tournaments running smoothly, they are final.

Cheats and Bug Abuse

Though 2.02 has taken care of many of the game's bugs, others remain and cannot be corrected without intervention from EA. Therefore, we have zero tolerance as far as cheats and bug abuse are concerned. If you are caught intentionally engaging in either at the discretion of the Referee, you will be suspended from GameReplays.org for one month (first cheating offense) or banned PERMANENTLY (second cheating offense). Players who cheat during a tournament are also banned from all tournaments for one year. Signing up for a tournament under a "smurf" account is considered cheating.


It is your responsibility to resolve any general connection/router issues regarding GameRanger before signing up for any tournaments. Failure to play a match because of a connection issue will be treated as leaving a tournament early (an absence). The problematic player will be determined based on who the Referee can connect to.


Penalties are decided by GameReplays Referees and Game Admins and may include suspensions or bans from future tournaments. Cases of cheating also lead to GameReplays account suspensions and bans, in accordance with the current site rules.

Recognition and Fun

Tournament winners receive recognition in the RotWK Hall of Champions.
4 points will be given to the winner, 2 to the runner-up and 1 to the third winner.
Some tournaments may include other special prizes including cash prizes and interviews.
All players that joined a tournament will recive, at the end of tournament, an award based on their good or bad activity during all tournament in Black & White List. To all partecipants that play their matches until their elimination regulary (also for who win the tourney) they gain 1 point in Black & White List. The other loss 1 point.

With that being said, we hope to see you participating in as many future tournaments as you can. Yes, these tournaments are about competition, but primarily they're about having fun, so keep things fair and enjoy yourselves. Good luck to all future tournament participants!