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Single Elimination Tournament #4

By cwedvin - 5th December 2020 - 23:42 PM

Welcome back Commanders! GameReplays and the SupCom2 team are proud to announce part 4 of Supreme Commander 2's Single Elimination tournament.

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This event is open to all players!

If you would like you to join this tournament, all the information and sign-up details needed are listed below. Please make sure to read the full article.

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There is a cash prize of 50$ up for grabs, and it is sponsored by CWedvin (50$).

Prize break down:
  • 1st Place 40$
  • Random Draw 10$
We need a minimum of 4 players to pay out prizes, otherwise all funds will be carried over to the next event. The random draw will take place just before the finals and will be using the check-ins list to perform it.

You will need a PayPal account to collect your prize. It is important you play and submit all your matches to be eligible for any prize. Anyone who forfeits, is disqualified or does not properly participate at any point in the event, will not be eligible for any prizes.

Date and Time:

The Supreme Commander 2 event will be taking place Saturday, December 19h starting at 14:00 GMT. Please double check your time zone difference to make sure you don't miss out on the event as check-ins open one hour earlier.

Time differences can be cross-checked using the timer to your right.

Event Organizers

If you have any questions, make sure to contact a staff member as soon as possible.

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This event will be a Single Elimination event. All rounds will be BO3 up to the semi-finals which are a BO5. The finals will be a BO7. There is no 3rd place match.

Map pool:
  • Arctic Refuge (FFA)
  • Etched Desert (2v2)
  • Fields of Isis (2v2)
  • Mirror Island (2v2)
  • QAI Prototype Facility (2v2)
  • Seraphim Isles (2v2)
  • Way Station Zeta (2v2)
    (Arctic Refuge & QAI Prototype are played top vs bottom, everything else should be obvious)
The first map is chosen by map elimination, followed by the loser's pic thereafter. You can not play the same map twice.

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Battle Details:

  • All units/Tech trees/and strategies are valid.
  • No exclusions are allowed
  • Victory condition is "Assassination."
  • There should be no rush timer in effect.
  • Fog of War should be set to: Explored terrain/no units
  • Game speed: Normal
  • Whatever our Referee/Tournament organizer says, goes.


Commentators have to be allowed to spectate and cast your games live. For extreme cases, you will have to contact a referee to discuss the matter.


There will be a separate check-ins thread available the day of the event that is used to confirm participation. Only registered players can check-in and only checked-in players will be added to the bracket.

The check-ins thread will open one hour before the scheduled event start time and close 5 minutes before it starts. During those last 5 minutes leading up to 14:00 GMT, the brackets will be shuffled and finalized. All players will have until 14:15 GMT to show up before being disqualified.

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