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Supreme Commander 2 Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Redarrow's Guide to Standard Build Orders

Friday, 14 Dec 2012
Our distinguished moderator redarrow7216 has written a excellent and detailed guide on the standard build orders in Supreme Commander 2.Click here to access the guideClick here to discuss this guideClick here to return to the SupCom2 portal
Strategy Guide

In the Hot Seat: How Damage Over Time Works

Friday, 3 Jun 2011
In Supreme Commander 2 there are only three units in the game that can do damage over time, and most of these units need an upgrade to do so. Such upgrades increase the total damage and area damage of a weapon in Supreme Commander 2, making for more spectacular explosions! However, there are a...
Strategy Guide

The Science of Shields in Supreme Commander 2

Saturday, 28 May 2011
Shields in Supreme Commander 2 come in various shapes and sizes from the massive Aegis experimental shield to the tiny Adapter mobile shield. Each faction has it's own shield properties. This guide will provide information on how each faction's shield type works, as well as how each unit shield...
Strategy Guide

Map of the Week #5 - Desolatia

Sunday, 10 Apr 2011
Desolatia is one of the two 1v1 maps offered with the Infinite War Battle pack. Much like Open Palms and Coalition Shipyards, Desolatia offers ample opportunity for using diverse strategies and there is not one faction with a significant advantage over the others.Build Orders/Research: Either a...
Strategy Guide

The Baron's Guide to the UEF

Saturday, 26 Mar 2011
The UEF believes in the strategic doctrines of “strength in numbers” and “quantity over quality” when it comes to units in its military. Most UEF units cannot stand up to those of their counterpart factions in a one-on-one fight, but instead rely on cheap costs and shorter build times to ensure...
Strategy Guide

Map of the Week #4 - Coalition Shipyard

Monday, 21 Mar 2011
Coalition Shipyard is, like Open Palms, a popular map that offers many opportunities for diverse strategies. With a completely open plain between the two opponents, there is plenty of room for maneuvering. This map does not heavily favor one faction over another (but the UEF have an easier time)...
Strategy Guide

Map of the Week #3 - Markon Bridge

Thursday, 3 Mar 2011
Markon’s Bridge Another small and rarely played map, Markon’s Bridge is similar to Spring Duel in many aspects. Most of the fighting occurs on the bridge for which the map is named after. Therefore, like Spring Duel, there is not much maneuvering that can be done; less so, since the...
Strategy Guide

Map of the Week #2 - Open Palms

Saturday, 19 Feb 2011
Palms is arguably the most popular 1v1 map for Supreme Commander 2. Open Palms offers the most diverse strategies and no faction is at a significant disadvantage on this map.Build OrdersBecause there are so many different options for this map, there are many build orders that can be done. For...
Strategy Guide

Map of the Week #1 - Spring Duel

Friday, 11 Feb 2011
The smallest map in the game and probably the least played, Spring Duel is a simple remake of the Winter Duel map from Forged Alliance. Much like its Forged Alliance cousin, Spring Duel does not offer a great variety of strategic options. The only really viable strategy on here is land spam,...
Strategy Guide

Destro's Ultimate Guide to Build Orders

Monday, 13 Dec 2010
So you want to be amazing at Supreme Commander 2, right? Problem is, the other guy always has a million more tanks than you. Chances are it has something to do with your Build Order; one of the most fundamental choices you can make which affects you right from the moment your ACU warps in to the...