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Current Top Three Ranks:

1. bike-RUsh+ownz+ (22 points)
2. shocktapus (19 points)
3. Maze. (14 points)

Last Update: C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 January 2019 Tournament

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Command and Conquer 3 Features and Articles

Special Feature

New C&C 3 Tiberium Wars competitive 1v1 maps available

Sunday, 13 Jan 2019
In this article we are going to introduce formally 12 new Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars competitive 1v1 maps. In case you play C&C3 TW on C&C Online online regularly chances are you have seen some of these maps already. The ultimate goal with these maps is to inject a sense of novelty...
Special Feature

Join the Tiberium Wars Staff!

Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018
Good Day Commanders! The Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars section here on Gamereplays.org are looking for new staff members to join our game team. Community contribution is an essential part of keeping GameReplays.org and its subsequent sections active, fun, and full of regular content. So if...
Special Feature

New Tiberium Wars Expert: shoktrepet

Sunday, 26 Nov 2017
On rare occasion, a player reaches a level of skill, knowledge and achievement that allows them properly to be described as an expert. Today, we are delighted to announce that we have recognized another such player in shoktrepet, who has been promoted to the status of Expert Player for Tiberium...
Special Feature

Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack Project Release 2

Saturday, 20 May 2017
Greetings Commander! Map creator Luvaskot has published the second and possibly final version of his Community Map Pack Project. The release contains fifty maps, including maps based on Predatore's 1.02+ Kane's Wrath maps, the built in Kane's Wrath maps and Kane's Wrath maps by CyristalNova,...
Special Feature

Happy Birthday, C&C3:Tiberium Wars!

Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
Happy Birthday, C&C3:Tiberium Wars!Today, by most accounts, sees the 10th Anniversary of Tiberium Wars, the first C&C3 game, although the official release was spread across a few days worldwide. The game saw a return to the Tiberium Universe and took the GDI and Nod factions from its...
Special Feature

New Tiberium Wars Expert: PoKeMoM

Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016
GameReplays is proud to announce the addition of PoKeMoM to the stable of expert Tiberium Wars players. PoKeMoM has been a terrific Tiberium Wars warrior for a very long time and recently GameReplays got a chance to speak him.GameReplays: Hello PoKeMoM, and thank you for agreeing to this...
Special Feature

The Tiberium Wars Leaderboard has been launched!

Sunday, 4 Dec 2016
Greeting, Commanders. We are proud to announce that our Tiberium Wars section has finaly got a long-awaited Leaderboard!If you do not know what's the Leaderboard, let us quickly explain to you what it is: The Leaderboard is a list of all tournaments held in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that...
Special Feature

Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack Project

Saturday, 12 Nov 2016
Greetings! As some of you know, map creator Luvaskot has released recently the first version of his Community Map Pack Project. Those contain many of Predatore's maps from 1.02+ as well as new ones that have been created by Luvaskot himself!These maps are going to be candidates for use as...
Special Feature

Featured Replay and Video - bike-RUsh+ownz+ vs Sh0ckTr34tm3nt

Monday, 17 Oct 2016
Now and again we see a replay of an exceptional game and then somebody comes along and makes a great VOD. That is something that we love to show you more and more. So here we have another, over twenty-five minute close match on Tournament Dustbowl between two the best active players, legendary...
Special Feature

Featured Replays and Video - September Ladder Wars Finals

Friday, 14 Oct 2016
Greetings Commanders! In the final round of September's Ladder Wars Finals, two long standing and well known expert players, Sh0ckTr34tm3nt and bike-RUsh+ownz+ came head to head and showed us how it's done! If that wasn't enough, Sh0ckTr34tm3nt has made a FPVoD for each of the three games...