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Current Top Three Ranks:

1. bike-RUsh+ownz+ (22 points)
2. shocktapus (19 points)
3. Maze. (14 points)

Last Update: C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 January 2019 Tournament

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C&C Online Leaderboard

By ~AngelOfDeath~ - 29th November 2016 - 12:47 PM

Welcome to C&C Online Leaderboard for Tiberium Wars! Do you want to know who has won how many tournaments since GameSpy Shutdown? If so, then you're in the right place! The list below shows shows who defeinitely the top Tiberium Wars players on C&C Online are, in order of tournament wins. Of course, the breakdown isn't necessarily reflective of individual skill, but it does provide a general rubric of the top competitors in Tiberium Wars.

Last Update: C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 January 2019 Tournament

Top Players

Top Five Ranks by Tournamet Wins:

1. bike-RUsh+ownz+ - 22 points
2. shocktapus - 19 points
3. Maze. - 14 points
4. {PoKeMoM} - 10 points
5. shoktrepet - 7 points

Year 2019
TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 January 2019 Tournament{PoKeMoM}shocktapus

Year 2018
TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 December 2018{PoKeMoM}shocktapus
C&C3 Tiberium Wars November 1vs1 - 150$bike-RUsh+ownz+Technique
World Championship Red Zone Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+ & Maze.Good_Day_2_Die & worldsdominate
C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 [Agress & Parade] - 100$bike-RUsh+ownz+Technique
C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 April TournamentMaze.shocktapus
Ladder Wars! Ladders Reset! March Finalists $10 USDonch-onchIamPhx
Tiberium Wars Redzone Only 2vs2 TournamentMaze. & bike-RUsh+ownz+Police/AK & onch-onch

Year 2017
TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Ladder Wars - Septembershoktrepet~AngelOfDeath~
Ladder Wars - Octoberbike-RUsh+ownz+shocktapus
Ladder Wars - Augustonch-onchmediocre`
C&C3 Tiberium Wars 1vs1 Tournament - 150${PoKeMOM}Maze.
Ladder Wars - JulyshoktrepetNestea^
Tiberium Wars C&C Online 3 Year Anniversary TournamentMaze.shoktrepet
Ladder Wars - Juneshoktrepetonch-onch
C&C3 Tiberium Wars Community Map Pack Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+Sh0ckTr34tm3nt
Ladder Wars - MaySh0ckTr34tm3ntshoktrepet
Ladder Wars - AprilshoktrepetSh0ckTr34tm3nt
C&C3 Tiberium Wars 10th Anniversary 1vs1 Tournament - 650$bike-RUsh+ownz+Technique
Ladder Wars - MarchshoktrepetSh0ckTr34tm3nt
Ladder Wars - FebruarySh0ckTr34tm3ntshoktrepet
Ladder Wars - JanuarySh0ckTr34tm3ntshoktrepet
Ladder Wars - DecemberDimiteryKriptozoy
Tiberium Wars January 2vs2 - 200$ TournamentMaze. & PoKeMoMSh0ckTr34tm3nt & onch-onch

Year 2016

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Ladder Wars - NovembershoktrepetDimitery
Tiberium Wars Fallen Brotherhood 1vs1 - 150$ Tournament{PoKeMoM}Sh0ckTr34tm3nt
Ladder Wars - Octobershoktrepet-Sjon
Tiberium Wars The Revenge of the Titans 1vs1 - 180$ Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+Maze.
Ladder Wars - Septemberbike-RUsh+ownz+Sh0ckTr34tm3nt
Tiberium Wars The Battle of the Titans 2 1vs1 - 150$ Tournament{PoKeMoM}AoeNiaN.
Ladder Wars - AugustSh0ckTr34tm3nt{PoKeMoM}
Tiberium Wars The Battle of the Titans 1vs1 - 150$ TournamentSh0ckTr34tm3ntMaze.
Ladder Wars - July-SjonBert
Tiberium Wars July X 1vs1 Random Only - 150$ TournamentSh0ckTr34tm3ntMaze.
Tiberium Wars May 1vs1 TournamentSh0ckTr34tm3ntw3goth3rockets
Tiberium Wars Redzone Only 2vs2 Tournament~CLAUDIU~ and bigmoulePolice/AK and GuidoJuiceHead
Ladder Wars - March-ZoRRo-Sjon
Tiberium Wars 1vs1 Random Only March TournamentSh0ckTr34tm3ntbike-RUsh+ownz+
Ladder Wars - February-SjonHart
Tiberium Wars Nuclear Winter 2vs2 - 100$ Tournament~CLAUDIU~ and bigmoule$kim and w3goth3rock3ts
Ladder Wars - JanuaryJakeWhitew3goth3rock3ts
Tiberium Wars New Year 1vs1 TournamentSh0ckTr34tm3nt Maze.
Ladder Wars - DecemberSh0ckTr34tm3ntMaze.

Year 2015

TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Tiberium Wars Nuclear Winter 2vs2 - 100$ Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+ and Maze.ytchasse600ful and onch-onch
Tiberium Wars Sole Survivor 1vs1 Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+enjibenji
Tiberium Wars Redzone Only Tournament"Wanted" and Good_Day_To_Die~CLAUDIU~ and Bert
Tiberium Wars Deadly September 1vs1 Random Only TournamentSh0ckTr34tm3ntstudio.
Tiberium Wars King of the Hill - Season 2Sh0ckTr34m3ntN/A
C&C 20th Anniversary 2vs2 Tournament"Wanted" and IchBinEin0ribike-RUsh+ownz+ and -ZoRRo
Tiberium Wars July 1v1 Random Only TournamentSh0ckTr34tm3ntTraining^Acc
Ladder Wars - MaySh0ckTr34tm3ntBert
Tiberium Wars Spring Showdown 1vs1 TournamentSh0ckTr34tm3ntAoeNiaN.
Ladder Wars - Aprilenjibenjibybinator
Ladder Wars - March"Wanted"enjibenji
Tiberium Wars Double Trouble 2v2 TournamentMaze and bike-RUsh+ownz+Dan'te and TW-Legende
Ladder Wars - FebruaryMaze.AggressivePanda
Tiberium Wars February Fury TournamentMaze.Sh0ckTr34tm3nt
Ladder Wars - JanuaryMaze._Unknown_

Year 2014
TournamentWinnerRunner(s) up
Tiberium Wars Winter Meltdown 1vs1 Tournamentbike-RUsh+ownz+Sh0ckTr34tm3nt
Tiberium Wars King of the Hill - Season 1Sh0ckTr34tm3ntN/A


Tournaments, Ladder Wars and other events: 1 point for the winner
Sponsored event (which contains a cash prize, or something else): 2 points for the winner

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