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Special Feature

StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void is here!

Saturday, 24 Oct 2015
Hello fellow StarCraft fans, today we have a very special announcement that will once again begin a new era in the StarCraft series. Blizzard has introduced StarCract 2: Legacy of the Void, the final expansion to StarCraft 2.SC2: Legacy of the Void is scheduled to be released on November 10th,...

Warhounds are back!

Tuesday, 2 Apr 2013
It seems that Blizzard is at it again, not to be outdone in their April Fools antics. The developers of Starcraft II have taken the SCVs, Probes, and Drones and replaced them with the Warhounds that had been previously thrown in the dumpster after being considered far too similar to Marauders....
Special Feature

Overview of StarCraft: 2 Heart of the Swarm

Thursday, 21 Mar 2013
StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm (HOTS) has finally been released and the SC2 community is excited! This excitement may spawn from a new campaign to play or possibly rage over the new units. Not to mention, the opening cinematic trailer is just awesome. There is plenty of buzz about the new...

d.Apollo interviews Idra!

Friday, 24 Sep 2010
d.Apollo Interviews IdraAfter his antics in the Korean Global Starcraft 2 League. GameReplays.org and Team Dignitas member Shaun "d.Apollo" Clark took some time out to interview Greg "Idra" Fields.Apollo: Hey Idra! Thanks for taking some time and sitting down with me to answer some of these...

Exclusive Interview: Hot Tamale HuK

Saturday, 4 Sep 2010
GameReplays.org got a chance to get some quality time with Canadian Protoss player, and winner of the first Major League Gaming StarCraft 2 Pro Circuit, Chris "HuK" Loranger, known here as "GosuStarcraft." He joins GameReplays' StarCraft 2 Game Admin, AmiPolizeiFunk, for a relaxed chat about HuKs...

Sunday Night Fights Makes its StarCraft 2 Debut!

Friday, 3 Sep 2010
Such is the human obsession with warfare, many battles have gone down in the annals of history. A little fewer have had their every strategic decision, every tactical manoeuvre poured over by military tacticians. Fewer still have been brutally analysed in real time, by an army of like minded...

MorroW Interviewed by The Sneaky Probe!

Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010
While to me he is just a talented leader of the Terran infidels, many of you recognize MorroW as a professional StarCraft 2 player. What you may not know is that MorroW occasionally dips into landscape architecture, or "map authoring" as you humans call it. In my quest to understand the obsession...

The Sneaky Probe - An Introduction

Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010
Once upon a time, on a homeworld far, far away...On the distant planet Aiur, a Probe production facility ran into some maintenance problems. As with all problems with the Protoss production line, it got solved fast, but some of the Probes that got built during the troubles were, well, troubled......

The Mysterious Starcraft 2 LAN Package

Monday, 26 Jul 2010
Activision-Blizzard outlawed private servers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and it proved to be the best move for maximizing their revenue. Hardcore players complained loudly, but the game sold well. Any kind of new content based on MW2's fantastic engine required the inclusion of...
Special Feature

Starcraft 2 Beta Key Competition - Best of the Rest

Sunday, 14 Mar 2010
We already know the three top entries in our Beta Key Competition, but now it's time to give some limelight to the other fantastic creations entered into the competition.YoinkAn Ode to Starcraft 2 Beta TestingOh Gamereplays, my favorite site!Without your tips, I could not fight!And now I see you...