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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Strategies

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Hero Guide

BFME2 Hero Countering Guide [1.09v3.0 update]

Saturday, 23 Jul 2022
Do pesky heroes get you down? Do you have trouble killing them while they wreak havoc on your forces? If so, this guide will provide some general solutions. The first step to defeating a hero is to understand their weaknesses, which ultimately comes down to their armor types.This guide has the...
Strategy Guide

Patch 1.09v2 Buff and Debuff Guide

Sunday, 11 Apr 2021
Leadership Guide for Patch 1.09v2.0 In this guide, we take a look at the use of spells and leaderships. We examine how to efficiently take advantage of the potential that buffs and debuffs have. We see into their visible effects, status effects, stacking and canceling.DefinitionsBuffs are active...
Strategy Guide

Bunito's Cavalry Tip of the Week [1.09v3 update]

Sunday, 8 Jul 2018
Bunito's Cavalry Tip of the WeekIn this edition of Tip of the Week, we take a look at the micromanaging or tactical part of the game. We examine how to efficiently take advantage of the potential that Cavalry has, beyond its ability to crush and run. We also compare the unit statistics of Cavalry...
Strategy Guide

Tip of The Week - Shelob's Web Of Ungoliant

Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018
Patch 1.09 Tip Of The Week #4 - Shelob ShelobThis tip of the week mainly focuses on Web Of Ungoliant, but will shed some light on other changes made to her aswell. Shelob is an absolute monster in Patch 1.09. Some noteable changes are-Significantly Less damage taken from Eagles, Witchking...
Gameplay Tip

Cave Trolls: Throwing Goblins

Monday, 26 Jun 2017
Today we will be taking a look at the throw goblin ability of Cave Trolls, some statistics and how best to utilize it in game.+Cave Trolls:Throwing goblinsStatistics: Damage: 250. Consider rock damage is also 250. Yet, this value is actually, most of the times, irrelevant. This is only of the...
Gameplay Tip

Tip Of The Week #3 : Gloin Micromanagement

Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017
Patch 1.09 Tip Of The Week #3 - Gloin Micromanagement. This week we take a look at Gloin's role in patch 1.09 and how to use his slam ability effectively. We also examine his unit statistics. Gloin StatisticsBuild Cost: 1100Build time: 30Health: 2400Armor: HeroArmor (dies with Swords and...
Gameplay Tip

Tip Of The Week #2 - Attack Trolls And Levelling

Monday, 29 May 2017
Patch 1.09 Tip Of The Week #2 - Attack Trolls This week we are taking a look at the mighty Attack Trolls in Patch 1.09. Traditionally this unit has been a fort killer, but now it is strong against everything except fire and magic, effective against infantry, cav, heroes, and at higher levels...
Gameplay Tip

From Zero To Hero

Monday, 15 May 2017
Hello guys! I would like to welcome all the newcomers as well as the old veterans that have been lured into the BfME2 world, probably thanks to the amazing 1.9 patch that has, after many years been finally released!This guide will mostly be aimed at the players of little to no experience but...
Strategy Guide

Durin's Bane:The Balrog - An Extensive Guide To Harnessing His Power

Wednesday, 10 May 2017
An Extensive Guide to Harnessing His PowerBackground The Balrogs originated as Maiar, beings of the same kind as Sauron. They were primordial spirits of fire that had allied themselves with Melkor in ancient times.They became the most feared of his servants, especially during the early Wars in...
Gameplay Tip

BFME II Patch 1.09 Buff Nugget Guide

Tuesday, 2 May 2017
This guide was created in an effort to assist new players understand the new spell FX in Patch 1.09. Most spells which show visuals on hordes were reworked, here are those particular ones.