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About Company of Heroes & Opposing Fronts Expansion

Company of Heroes, created and developed by Relic Entertainment is the next generation of strategy games set during World War II. In their quest to make Company of Heroes really stand out in comparison to other popular titles in the genre, Relic has created a game with amazing tactical depth, implementing and improving upon things done, not only in their popular Dawn of War series, but from other RTS games as well, blending them all to create a hugely exciting, strategic and tactical experience you are sure to remember.

At the core of these design elements sit a few key concepts; such as the game's focus on the battlefield itself. The destructible and dynamic terrain allows squads of infantry to utilize stone walls, buildings, artillery shell craters and more, as varying levels of cover providing them with combat bonuses, which can sometimes make all the difference in a pitched battle. One of the other unique features is the game's focus on taking control of territory sectors on the map to generate resources rather than farming them from buildings or nodes spread across the map. This shifts the focus away from managing a base and keeps the player moving on the battlefield, promoting exciting battles and very unique strategies and tactics.

When added to the plethora of other game play mechanics implemented in the game, it's easy to start playing, but stopping is sometimes out of the question. If you're looking for an RTS experience that will keep you coming back for more, look no further than Company of Heroes.

Here's a breakdown of the features:
  • Amazing tactical gameplay.
  • Focus on map control adds countless layers of tactical and strategic depth.
  • Destructible environment physics means no two engagements are ever the same.
  • Strong focus on combat and unit management instead of base building and resource gathering.
  • Squad AI that actively seeks cover and reacts to threats until you are able to give them more precise orders.
If you're still not sure you can try the game for yourself by downloading the single player demo here or watch from the perspective of leading ladder player Ryan Nystrom as he leads the British 2nd Army in battle against the forces of the Wehrmacht here. If you're interesting in the community surrounding the game be sure to head over to Gamefire.com and check out the community driven Tales of Heroes podcasts that will not only bring you up to speed on game related news but allow you to watch video replay reviews to give you an understanding of the game itself.

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