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Kanes Wrath

Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars Finals Season 1
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Kane's Wrath Game Information

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"Welcome back, Commander."

On August 14th of 2007, Electronic Arts Los Angeles (EALA) announced the production of Command & Conquer 3: Kaneís Wrath during the debut of Command and Conquer 3 TV Ė BattleCast Primetime. The expansion pack introduces new sub-factions for the three existing sides, as well as new units, upgrades and powers for all of the now nine factions. The game was released on March 24, 2008 in the United States and March 28, 2008 in Europe for PC. Later in June 2008, Kaneís Wrath was released for the Xbox 360.

New story

Kane's Wrath comes with a 13-mission campaign split up into three acts, detailing the activities of the mysterious Nod leader Kane before, during, and after the Third Tiberium War central to Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. The player assumes the role of LEGION, a new tactical combat AI constructed by Kane to resurrect Nod from the ashes of the Second Tiberium War and lead the Brotherhood of Nod into a new era.

New ways to play

In addition to Campaign, Skirmish, and Multiplayer, Kaneís Wrath brings the "Global Conquest" mode for PC versions and the "Kaneís Challenge" mode for Xbox 360. Global Conquest allows players to pick one of the three main factions (GDI, Nod, or Scrin), assemble strike forces, and take over the world on a strategic scale similar to a game of RISK. When opposing bases and strike forces collide, victory is either determined automatically or in a tactical battle similar to traditional Command & Conquer. This mode of play was introduced by EA for The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II and now makes its C&C debut in Kaneís Wrath. Kaneís Challenge involves a player choosing a sub-faction and then battling through a series of challenges against the other sub-factions for a total of ten missions. This mode is reminiscent of the Generalís Challenge in Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour.

New levels of competition

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath is the first Command & Conquer game to participate in two successive EA C&C Ladder Seasons, starting in Ladder Season 2 and into Ladder Season 3 which ended in August 2009. Ladder Season 3ís finals round was played at the first ever CommandCom convention at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany.

New arsenal

Kaneís Wrath brings six new sub-factions and new units, buildings, upgrades, and support powers to provide a whole new twist on Command & Conquer 3. Successive balance patches have created a significantly different gaming experience from the original game. Check out the new factions and information below. Also, take a look at our unit trees and a full tech tree.


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The Global Defense Initiative, also known as GDI or "vGDI", retains its arsenal from Tiberium Wars while acquiring new weapons to fill previous deficiencies, such as the Slingshot anti-air hovercraft and Hammerhead close air support helicopter. Additional upgrades such as AP Ammo, EMP Grenades, and Hardpoints round out a faction heavy on firepower and armor.

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Steel Talons

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An experimental battalion of GDI championed by General Joshua Mitchell, the Steel Talons eschew sonic weaponry and advanced infantry in favor of even heavier armored firepower than deployed by most GDI units. The Steel Talons' armored emphasis is embodied in their Railgun Accelerators, Adaptive Armor vehicles and throwback Titan and Wolverine walkers.

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A high-tech elite unit deployed into the most Tiberium-ravaged regions of the planet, the Zone Operations Command fields the best infantry and sonic weapons available to GDI. This emphasis means that some of GDIís more firepower-intensive units such as Juggernauts are not employed by ZOCOM. Led by General C. Elena Renteria, ZOCOMís signature weaponry includes Zone Raiders and the enhanced Zone Shatterer hovercraft.

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The Brotherhood of Nod, or "vNod", has continued to develop new weapons and technology in its endless struggle against GDI. Specter artillery, Reckoner infantry transports, and the powerful Redeemer walker provide Nod with a continually sharpened combat edge in the epic struggle for "peace through power." Nodís tactics tend to involve a blend of massed low-tech units, stealth, speed, and Tiberium-based weaponry.

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Black Hand

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The Black Hand branch embraces an even more radical philosophy than the mainstream Brotherhood of Nod. Under the leadership of the charismatic Marcion, the Black Hand have abandoned stealth, aircraft, and Avatars in favor of Purifier walkers, supremely powerful infantry, and a focus on flame-based weaponry. The factionís focus on direct combat makes them a force to reckon with in a straight fight, and their flame weapons allow them to demolish bases with ease.

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Marked of Kane

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Deep in Central Asia, a secret army of emotionless cyborgs was assembled in one of Nodís darkest projects. The result is a force that became known as the Marked of Kane. Fielding powerful Awakened and Enlightened cyborg warriors, the Marked of Kane wield numerous disabling weapons such as EMP and Magnetic mines. Their emphasis on more subtle tactics has led them to abandon Flame Tanks and trade Black Hand squads for Tiberium Troopers.

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The alien invaders, also known as "vScrin," return in Kane's Wrath, this time reinforced with additional units such as the adaptable Mechapede and Ravager, an infantry unit specialized for economic harassment. The Scrin remain a powerful mid-game and late-game force using a mix of powerful high-tier units and an efficient mid-game centered around Devourer Tanks and Gun Walkers.

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Reaper-17ís vehicles are the best compared to the other Scrin sub-factions, spearheaded by their more powerful Shard Walkers and Reaper Tripods. This ground force supremacy comes at the cost of air strength and mind control, but Reaperís prowess and reputation as the chief "Shock and Awe" faction of the Scrin is well-earned.

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Traveler-59 specializes in mind-control and teleportation. Their Prodigy unit, an upgraded Mastermind with the added abilities of a blink pack and area of effect mind control, is probably the most terrifying unit to face in the game. While foregoing shields and Devourer Tanks, Traveler-59 employs some of the most dangerous Scrin infantry ever, including Cultists, which possess powerful mind-control abilities.

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