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CNC Generals Strategies

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Gameplay Tip

How to foil GLA scrapping

Sunday, 7 Sep 2014
Having trouble against leveled up scrapped GLA technicals? They feel like super weapons sometimes, right? Well I have a solution for you, but it requires your speed.Click to enlargeWhen your units die while playing against GLA, they leave a pile of scrap most of the time. This scrap is basically...
Gameplay Tip

No Floating and Spending Money to Zero

Friday, 29 Aug 2014
We read it all the time in replays here on Gamereplays.org. "Stop floating!". "If he had not floated, he would have won.". But what does it really mean here on Gamereplays.org? To float - Not to spend money which effectively collects in game. I am sure some of you reading this wonder why it is so...
Strategy Guide

How to change the command hotkeys in Generals

Monday, 7 Oct 2013
Hello Generals!Probably, you ask yourself why talking about hotkeys again. There are already nice guides on how to change hotkeys in CCG. For example a nice one of rarely:"How To Edit Your CCG Hotkey!"If you prefer video guides, here's one of xezon:"How to change your Zero Hour hotkeys"In case...
Strategy Guide

Command and Conquer Generals: Lets go car shopping!

Thursday, 13 Jun 2013
Hijackers, one of the least used units in C&C Generals, yet there are ways they can be very effective in some situations against China. Lets take a look at some possible way's to use the units strengths to our advantage and avoid letting it's weaknesses getting the better of us. The Hijacker The...
Strategy Guide

USA and China General's Points fired at Buildings

Monday, 21 Jan 2013
Hello Everyone!Today, we want to present you detailed information about the powers of the China/USA genpoint attacks and what you can do with them.Even a lot of experianced players sometimes do not know which level of A10/Artillery or a Fuel Bomb can take out which building for sure. Here is an...
Strategy Guide

Movement Tutorial!

Sunday, 8 Jan 2012
Generals, this time we take a look at some tips for moving units and how they can help you gain an advantage. Have you ever wondered why the top players hunt your Gatling Tanks with Paladins more efficiently than normal players? Isn't it annoying that the best USA players run over your Missile...
Strategy Guide

Expert Knowledge about Experience Points

Friday, 4 Nov 2011
Welcome Generals! There are many important aspects that need to be considered while playing at high level. This guide shall explain deeper knowledge about the Generals' Experience System. Once you understood the basic ideas you will be able to improve your gameplay. Especially advanced players...
Strategy Guide

China Oil Bunker - Counter Strategy!

Sunday, 14 Aug 2011
China Oil Bunker - Counter Strategy!Hello there generals, today I wanted to talk about the new strategy people are using nowadays in China mirrors, Which is fast a Oil Bunker on close Oil flank to secure one Oil at least. Many of you have probably had trouble and therefore question yourselves on...
Strategy Guide

China: Building Placement Guide

Saturday, 30 Jul 2011
Most people randomly place their buildings not only for China, but also for other factions too. I try to make the best of my building placement, by placing them in a specific fashion will allow certain advantages, in comparison to having them randomly placed.For most China versus China games I...
Strategy Guide

How to be successful with USA drops

Saturday, 2 Jul 2011
Generals, today we are looking at something you, for sure, have already tried - The drop ability when playing as the USA. We focus on an early drop in a game because that seems to be the most challenging.First of all, it is very important to know in what match ups, and on what maps you might...