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Tip of The Week #11: Attack Ground Part Two

Sunday, 20 Oct 2013
Last week we highlighted the some basic uses of the Attack Ground command. This week we are expanding your bag of tricks some more!One of the advanced uses for the ground attack command is to remotely trigger enemy mines and demolition charges. Once you have an Attack Ground unit you can no...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of The Week #10: Attack Ground Part One

Sunday, 20 Oct 2013
The Attack Ground command is one of the basic commands available to most explosive weapons in the game but can also be used for others, like flamethrowers. It is often overlooked by most players in the heat of battle although its use in the right situations can give you the deciding edge needed...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of The Week #9: Merging and Reinforcement

Wednesday, 25 Sep 2013
Knowing all the available options when recrewing support weapons and vehicles or merging squads can give you a real edge in combat breaks by maximizing the power of your forces while keeping reinforcement costs and time manageable.One of the basics of managing this is based on the cost of...
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Tip of The Week #8: Deep Snow Screening

Wednesday, 4 Sep 2013
This weeks tip touches on taking advantage of an early game German sniper and using the terrain to protect him from infantry charges.Discuss your own experiences with harsh winter terrain in the Gamereplays.org forums! Return to the Company Of Heroes 2 Homepage.Visit the Company of Heroes 2...
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Tip of The Week #7: Soviet Tier One Halftrack Counters

Thursday, 22 Aug 2013
Soviets who invest heavily into the Special Rifle Command can find themselves vulnerable to early flammenwerfer halftracks. Anti-tank grenades may not have been purchased yet and even if they have you still need something else to help you deal with those deadly flame-spewing trucks. Guard...
Strategy Guide

The Near-Ultimate Osteer Guide - Part 1

Thursday, 22 Aug 2013
The Near-Ultimate Osteer Guide IntroductionHello and welcome to the first instalment of the near-ultimate Osteer guide! This one will be eventually followed by the complete Soviet guide (some time in the distant future). This guide will not provide in-depth specific strategies and unit...
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Tip of the Week #6: The Repair Point

Monday, 22 Jul 2013
The Repair Point is now available for some maps and holds a large strategic value. This is an incredibly useful feature because you don't need to have dedicated engineers to repair your vehicles unless they would not be able to reach this capture point in time.Whilst being an incredibly useful...
Strategy Guide

Soviet T-70 Rush Guide

Friday, 19 Jul 2013
CieZ's Soviet T-70 RushThis build has stemmed searching for the best answer to the Ostheer flamethrower upgraded half-track. The goal of this build is to get a T-70 out as soon as possible to hunt down and kill their half-track as soon as it starts becoming a terror for your infantry. I've...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of The Week #5: Minsk Watchtowers

Tuesday, 16 Jul 2013
Today's tip is in video format, click below to learn about those interesting watchtowers in the northern part of Minsk Pocket and how they function differently from most garrisons.As always, discuss this tip and other strategies on the Gamereplays.org forums.Return to the Company Of Heroes 2...
Strategy Guide

Joint Operations: A German 2v2 Guide

Monday, 8 Jul 2013
ScuttleShip and Malevolent Pink Cat are proud to present Joint OperationsThis Guide will give you an insight and some ideas of how to play Germans as a partnership! We came up with this 2v2 AT tactic over the course of the Open Beta and since release, after finding a fair few Soviet players...