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Dwarven Quiz | Faction of the Week

Wednesday, 3 Nov 2010
Welcome to our Dwarven Quiz! Test your knowledge of the long beards and remember to PM your response to Korvasomali. Good luck!Quiz of the Week1. Which of the following is not available through Forge Works?a. Battlewagonb. Fire Arrows Upgradec. Forged Blades Upgraded. Demolisher2. Who is the new...

The age of Dwarves

Tuesday, 2 Nov 2010
Early in the first age, the Dwarves were awoken after the Elves. During this time the Dwarves, Men, and Elves lived in relative harmony and peace. The Dwarves where physically stronger than Men and Elves, with a greater endurance against the hot and cold climates. Driven out of Gundabad by...
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Angmar Quiz| Faction of the Week

Tuesday, 26 Oct 2010
How much do you know about the Angmar faction? The staff has put together a special quiz to test exactly that. Let's see what you think you know.Quiz test your knowledge1. Which of these heroes have exceptional armor?a) Morgomirb) Karshc) Hwaldard) Witch-Kinge) Rogash2. How many pack members do...

Angmar | Faction of the Week

Monday, 25 Oct 2010
Angmar, the Iron Home of the Witch-king, the deadliest servant of Sauron, was a prominent adversary to the Dunedain of the North for nearly two centuries. The Witch-king of Angmar, as he was to be called, establish his kingdom in the icy regions north of the Misty Mountains. The Witch-king's...
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Mordor Quiz of the Week

Friday, 15 Oct 2010
Welcome to Mordor Quiz! Test your knowledge of Sauron's minions and remember to PM your response to Korvasomali. Good luck!1. Which unit has the fastest attackspeed?a) Orc Warriorsb) Black Orcsc) Haradrim Archersd) Catapults2. Ranked Mumakil Pens spawn ranked Mumakil. True or false?a) Trueb)...

Mordor Faction of the Week

Sunday, 10 Oct 2010
"Mordor, the one place in middle earth we don't want to see any closer, and it's the one place were trying to get to, and it's just where we can't get." said Samwise Gamgee as he neared the dark lands with his master Frodo to rid Middle Earth of it's dark adversary Sauron. Mordor has always...

Isengard Replay | Faction of the Week

Saturday, 9 Oct 2010
The Isengard faction, some people love this faction, others can't stand it. Isengard isn't the most complicated faction to play because of their good infantry options and solid heroes. Easily a good choice for a beginning player. Isengard is a unique faction in that it combines brute force and...
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Isengard Quiz of the Week

Tuesday, 5 Oct 2010
Quiz of the Week1.Saruman the White was the Chief of thea. Order of Mastoryb. Order of Knowledgec. Order of Wizardsd. Order of The White Counsel 2.Grima was the son ofa. Erkenbrandb. Galmodc. Hamad. Elrond3.The Wizard's Vale opened to the south onto thea. Fangorn Forest b. White Mountainsc. Nan...

Isengard | Faction of the week

Sunday, 3 Oct 2010
Isengard, or Iron Fortress, had been a prominent fortress of Gondor for many ages. Built around the unbreakable and leering tower of Orthanc and surrounded by iron walls, Isengard was quite a fortress. It's strength can explain the fact that the Numenoreans decided Isengard should house one of...
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Elven Quiz of the Week

Tuesday, 28 Sep 2010
Here you will test your knowledge on the elves of Lorien, Lindon and Mirkwood. This quiz will test your tactical knowledge of the game including heroes, units, upgrades and powers. Enjoy!Quiz of the Week1. How much does it cost to upgrade the Elven Barracks to level 3?a. 500b. 750c. 1000d. 15002....