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Kanes Wrath

Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars Finals Season 1
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Kanes Wrath Strategies

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Strategy Guide

Tiberium Gardens III FFA Guide

Friday, 11 Mar 2016
Greetings Commanders! Today we will be showing you how to be successful with all 9 factions on the 5 player FFA map, Tiberium Gardens III. FFA is one of the most common game modes in Kane's Wrath, and Tiberium Gardens is one of the most commonly played maps of the FFA gamemode.Map LayoutTiberium...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #114 - The Black Hand's Mantis

Friday, 26 Jun 2015
Greetings, Commanders! Today, we will be showing you how to win with one of the Black Hand's greatest creation, the Mantis!The Black Hand as you all know is a faction that specializes in flame and incendiary technology as well as infantry. Over the years, players have often found that one enemy...
Strategy Guide

How To Win: Scorpions Vs. Scorpions

Wednesday, 17 Jun 2015
Greetings, Commanders! Today, I will be showing you how to win Scorpion Vs. Scorpion battles! The Scorpion Tank is one of the most valuable Tier One units for Nod and its subfactions - the Black Hand and the Marked of Kane. Its agility and speed is hard to match for its GDI counterpart, the...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #113 - The Rig Rush

Monday, 12 Jan 2015
Greetings, Commanders! Today, I will be teaching you the basic aspects to perform a successful rig rush.The Rig rush is one of the most difficult strategies to pull off against your opponent, as it takes micro, macro, anti-scout and many more key aspects to pull off successfully.Here are the...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #112 - Waypointing unit abilities with hotkeys

Friday, 12 Dec 2014
IntroductionGreetings, Commanders! Do you remember how many times you had to click the icon of unit abilities while you needed your cursor to be at a different location? I guess tons of times, but that is over; with this little trick, you will use hotkeys more than the mouse.HistoryBefore...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #111 - The Purifier

Thursday, 24 Jul 2014
The Black Hand is one of the devious Nod sub-factions known for their love of flame weapons and powerful infantry rushes, and loathed for their lack of aircraft and stealth. In this tip of the week, we look at a powerful late game unit for the Black Hand sub-faction of Nod, the Purifier. In the...
Strategy Guide

Black Hand Strategy on Tournament Tower

Sunday, 26 May 2013
Good Day, Commanders!As you know, Tournament Tower is one of the least played ranked 1vs1 maps, mainly for the reason that it has only 4 small Tiberium Fields, 2 at the starting spots, and 2 on the Tower platform, plus no one really has a lot of unique strategies for playing this map other than...
Strategy Guide

masterleaf's Traveler-59 Guide vs. Black Hand

Saturday, 20 Apr 2013
IntroductionHey everyone, I'm masterleaf5 and this is a guide by yours truly on every aspect of Traveler-59 against Black Hand. This will include how to counter all the opening rushes, training the right units in certain scenarios, to even standing a chance vs. the previously thought unstoppable...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #110 - Ox Transport WayPoint Mode

Wednesday, 22 Aug 2012
Greetings, Commanders!Today's tip of the week is focusing on one of the most underused unit abilities in Kanes' Wrath, the Call for Transport. Although it has been previously discussed, the usage of Call for Transport will prove to be more effective when combined with waypoint mode. It is...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #109 - Proper use of booby traps

Thursday, 2 Aug 2012
Greetings, Commanders! Today we shall learn some neat tricks to maximise the effectiveness of our friendly Nod saboteurs on the fields of battle.Nobody can resist a discarded briefcaseThe circled area in the screenshot is a booby trap. The booby trap is a stealthed briefcase containing a large...